Americana Collection                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Contributor Title Pub Date  
[Rose symbol] If we can't be the same old sweethearts, we'll just be the same old friends 1915  
[Rose symbol] I'll see you in C-U-B-A 1920  
[Rose symbol] Wake up, America 1916  
[Rose symbol] Over there 1917  
[Rose symbol] Honolulu America loves you; We've got to hand it to you 1916  
[Unidentified African-Americans] won't you be mine 1902  
12th Regiment God is with the right 1861  
2d company of chasseurs a pied Southern rights march; Southern right march    
37th Indiana Regiment Old union wagon 1863  
5th Company Washington Artillery Grand parade march; Parade march and quick step 1861  
7th Regt. National Guard Band War path quick step 1860  
A. H. C. Sweet angel whisper low 1900  
A. Hoen The burning of Rome 1903  
A. Hoen Why should friendship's chain be broke 1858  
A. Hoen Secession march; Op. 17 1860  
A. Hoen Charge of the light brigade march 1896  
A. Hoen Warren Guards quick step 1860  
A. Hoen Mother's prayer 1862  
A.B. Case Maggie's answer; When you and I were young, Maggie 1868  
A.J. Dewey Sunbeams and shadows; Sonnen-strahlen und Schatten; Tonepoem 1901  
A.L. Weisz Home, sweet home; Die Heimath    
A.M. Swift Bugle song; Blow bugle blow 1883  
A.W. Peters Birth of the flowers 1905  
Abbot, John M. Hear our prayer 1868  
Abt, Franz I will go to the spring; Jetzt gang i an's Brunnele    
Abt, Franz Il sogno; A happy dream 1864  
Abt, Franz Whit! whit! I wander not!; Bird song; A little bird, its happy flight 1861  
Adams, C. C. Tube-rose polka 1865  
Adams, Charles R. Tyrolienne; The nightingale; Crown diamonds 1879  
Adams, R. J. (Robert J.) Sweetest girl in Dixie 1903  
Adelaide Neilson O loving heart trust on 1864  
Adelaide Phillips Upon the Danube River 1868  
Adele Rowland Mammy's little coal black Rose 1916  
Adelina Patti The last farewell 1903  
Adler, Simon Coll nidrey 1889  
Ager, Milton Erin is calling 1916  
Aida Overton Walker Why Adam sinned 1904  
Aikai Vancouvr Dynamite rag; A Negro drag 1910  
Al Jolson Waiting for the Robert E. Lee 1912  
Al Jolson Down where the Tennessee flows 1913  
Al Jolson When I leave the world behind 1915  
Al Jolson My sumurun girl; Whirl of society; Soo-mu-roon 1912  
Albert Barbelle My bird of paradise; My Honolulu girl 1915  
Albert G. Pike Bonnie blue flag; A Southern patriotic song 1861  
Albert G. Pike Bonnie blue flag; A Southern patriotic song 1861  
Albert G. Pike Bonnie blue flag; A Southern patriotic song 1861  
Albert, Charles d' (Charles Louis Napoleon d') Camp polka; Pop goes the weasel 1853  
Albert, Charles Louis Napoleon d' Hoop de dooden doo    
Albert, Charles Louis Napoleon d' Palermo quadrilles; Palermo quadrille    
Alberti, H. For love and honor 1904  
Alexander, George B. I am sending criss-cross kisses to some one's soldier boy 1918  
Alford, Harry L. I am fighting for country, for you and little Nell 1917  
Alfred Williams By the waters of Minnetonka; Indian love song 1914  
Alice Hollander Little one good-bye 1906  
All debutantes of the season Elite march and two step; Op. 65 1897  
All fair Pattys Patty mazurka 1863  
All the College Men of America Good fellowship; March and two-step 1912  
Allard, Henri Reve angelique; Fantaisie en forme de marche 1864  
Allen, Thomas S. Dixie rube; Characteristic march 1916  
Alma Gluck Whispering hope 1910  
Alpha Eta Chapter Kappa Sigma waltz 1910  
Amelie Hunter et Emma Beggs Gipsy countess with brilliant variations; Op. 690 1856  
American CBic Hello ma baby 1900  
Amphions Do they miss me at home?    
Anderson, Green H. Golden beam waltz 1869  
Andre C. De Takacs In the sweet long ago 1916  
Andre C. de Takacs Eve wasn't modest till she ate that apple; We'll have to pass the apples again 1917  
Andre C. De Takacs Night-time in little Italy 1917  
Angelo, D. Shadow song; Dinorah 1864  
Ann Gold, of Dave Genaro & Ann Gold The more I see of Hawaii the better I like New York 1917  
Anna Mehlig Scherzo; Op. 31, no. 1 1870  
Annie M. Fox Queen of beauty 1864  
Arcadia (Dreamland) Orchestra Sweet baby blues; Banjo blues 1917  
Arditi, Luigi Il bacio; The kiss; Waltz 1862  
Armstrong & Co. Governor Hampton's march 1877  
Armstrong, Harry Frisco rag 1910  
Armstrong, Henry W. You're the flower of my heart, Sweet Adeline 1903  
Armstrong, Paul B. Way down in the old palmetto state 1898  
Armstrong, Paul B. Old glory goes marching on; The flag that never knew defeat 1918  
Artemus Ward Oh! write me a song of my father 1865  
Arthur Hammerstein He will understand; You're in love 1916  
Arthur Harvin Loves ritornella, an offertory 1884  
Arthur Pryor and his Band The whistler and his dog; Caprice 1905  
Arzonia, Joe The preacher and the bear 1905  
Asch, Georg Caravanne; Oriantal march 1866  
Ascher, Joseph Mazurka des traineaux    
Ascher, Joseph La perle du nord, mazurka elegante; La perle du nord polka mazourka    
Asher, Angelo A. Ta-ra-ra boom-de-ay!    
Askew Guards of New Orleans Askew quickstep; Askew quick step 1861  
Atkinson, Robert Whitman Obispah waltzes; Airs from the Hasty pudding play Obispah 1891  
Audran, Edmond La mascotte valse; Mascot potpourri 1881  
Auerbach, Otto Down "ole" Virginia; Dance Ethiopia 1897  
Avery & Hart Down among the sugar-cane 1908  
B. I'll be happy when the preacher makes you mine 1919  
B. Duncan Mollie's dream waltz    
B. Duncan Juanita; A Spanish ballad    
B. Duncan Impromptu polka! 1864  
B. Duncan Confederates grand march 1862  
B. Duncan Lorena    
B. Duncan The drummer boy of Shiloh 1863  
B. Duncan Stonewall Jackson's way! 1863  
B. Duncan Gl. Beauregard's grand march 1861  
B. Duncan Monastery bells; Cloches du monastere    
B. Duncan Mother is the battle over    
B. Duncan Listen to the mocking bird    
B. Duncan Let me kiss him for his mother    
B. Duncan O give me a home by the sea    
B. Duncan Genl. Persifor F. Smith's march; P.F. Smith's march    
B. Duncan Annie Lawrie; Annie Laurie    
B. Duncan & Co. On the mountain's airy summit    
B. Duncan & Co. Softly ye night winds; Companion to Sleeping I dreamed love    
B. Duncan & Co. Keep me awake, Mother!; Companion to Rock me to sleep Mother 1863  
B. Duncan & Co. When the swallows homewards fly    
B. Duncan & Co. Southern Marseillaise 1862  
B. Duncan & Co. I see her still in my dreams    
B. Duncan & Co. When I saw sweet Nellie home    
B. Duncan & Co. Rock me to sleep, Mother 1863  
B. Duncan & Co. Home sweet home with brilliant variations    
B. Duncan & Co. The South 1863  
B. Duncan & Co. Brightest eyes    
B. Duncan & Co. The stafs of our banner; Southern song 1861  
B. Duncan & Co. Keep me awake, Mother 1863  
B. Duncan & Co. We may be happy yet; Daughter of St. Mark    
B. Duncan & Co. Silvery shower; Tremolo etude on a melody of Balfe; Tremolo etude    
B. Duncan & Co. Our first president's quickstep    
B. Duncan & Co. The Signal Corps schottische 1863  
B. Duncan & Co. God will defend the right 1861  
B. duncan & Co. Return of spring; Retour du printemps    
B. Duncan & Co. She forever 1863  
B. Duncan & Co. The officer's funeral    
B. Duncan & Co. The Switzer's farewell    
B. Duncan & Co. Vale of rest    
B. Duncan & Co. God save the South!    
B. Duncan & Co. Sleeping I dream'd love; Sleeping I dream love    
B. Duncan & Co. I will not quite forget 1863  
B. Duncan & Co. Improvisation on the favorite melody Her bright smile haunts me still; Op. 503 1862  
B. Duncan & Co. Then you'll remember me; The Bohemian girl    
B. Duncan & Co. Mary of Argyle, a favorite Scotch song    
Baby Eleanor In the neighborhood of love; Little magnet 1907  
Badarzewska, Thekla The maiden's prayer    
Badarzewska, Thekla Each hour of life; The maiden's prayer!    
Badarzewska, Thekla Each hour of life; The maiden's prayer    
Badarzewska, Thekla Maiden's prayer 1900  
Badger, W. P. Union polka 1853  
Baer, Charles E. When you were in your teens 1911  
Baer, Charles E. A little old fashioned, that's all 1908  
Baker Babylon is fallen!; Sequel to Kingdom coming 1863  
Baker, Fred T Sous les magnolies; Danse Americaine; Under the magnolias 1880  
Baker, W. C. Let me come home, Father 1867  
Balfe, M. W. (Michael William) The gipsy girl's dream; I dreamt I dwelt in marble halls; Bohemian girl    
Balfe, M. W. (Michael William) See at your feet a suppliant one; Bohemian girl    
Balfe, M. W. (Michael William) I dreamt that I dwelt in marble halls; I dreamt I dwelt in marble halls; Bohemian girl    
Balfe, M. W. (Michael William) We may be happy yet; O smile as thou wert wont to smile    
Balfe, M. W. (Michael William) Then you'll remember me; The Bohemian girl    
Balfe, M. W. (Michael William) Then you'll remember me; The Bohemian girl    
Ball, Ernest R. When the birds in Georgia sing of Tennessee 1907  
Ball, Ernest R. When Irish eyes are smiling 1912  
Ball, Ernest R. All the world will be jealous of me 1917  
Ball, Ernest R. Let the rest of the world go by 1919  
Ball, Ernest R. I'm going back to California, that's where I belong 1916  
Ballantine, James Castles in the air; Scotch song    
Ballard, H. C. Brave me behold your fallen chief; Tribute to Elsworth 1862  
Banda Rossa Willow grove march 1899  
Banta, Frank Laughing song 1894  
Barbelle Everybody's buddy 1920  
Barbelle Good-bye France; You'll never be forgotten by the U.S.A. 1918  
Barbelle What'll we do on a saturday night (when the town goes dry) 1919  
Bardsley, Eunice W. Nearer my God to thee; Jesus our friend 1888  
Bares, Basile Basile's galop; Op. 9 1869  
Barker, C. Helene Wait and see; You'll want me back; Attends voir 1919  
Barker, George White squall    
Barnes, Paul Good-bye Dolly Gray march and two-step; Military maid 1901  
Barrie, J. F. Down Georgia way 1913  
Barth, John F. Frat march two-step 1910  
Baskette, Billy Good-bye Broadway, hello France; Passing show of 1917 1917  
Baumbach, Adolph Forty Fourth Regiment quick step; 44th regimental quickstep 1862  
Bayley, T. E. Richmond on the James; Bingen on the Rhine 1864  
Baylor, Eugene Haunting eyes galop 1868  
Beacon Lith. Unique grand galop; Unique galop 1876  
Beaumont, Paul Con amore; Melodie    
Bechter, Karl Jolly darkies 1897  
Beck, Carl On, Wisconsin! 1910  
Behr, Franz Royal gavotte; Op. 582    
Behr, Franz Royal fanfare galop; Op. 408    
Bell Photo Co. Roosevelt, the peace Victor; The President's song 1905  
Bell, David Savannah Volunteer Guard's quick step 1858  
Bell, J. H. Ole Napper's hick'nut dance; A snap shot from life 1899  
Bellak, Ja's (James) Traviata quadrille as danced at Mr. Alasko's Academy 1858  
Bellak, Ja's (James) Mabel waltz 1866  
Bellak, Ja's (James) Bohemian girl 1855  
Bellak, Ja's (James) Martha 1855  
Bellak, Ja's (James) Bayadere 1855  
Bellak, Ja's (James) Fille du regiment 1857  
Bellak, Ja's (James) Listen to the mocking bird quick step 1856  
Belle Baker When Alexander takes his ragtime band to France 1918  
Belle Belmont I'm thinkin' of you all of de while 1903  
Bellini, Vincenzo Where are now the hopes I cherished; Norma    
Bellini, Vincenzo Norma; Op. 42    
Bellstedt's Military Band Fourth battalion march 1895  
Ben Marcato Smile on; Katie Strang; Op. 991 1858  
Bendernagel, Lew P. Strolling with your summer girl; Summer waltz song 1906  
Benj. W. Hitchcock La sultana; Turkish march 1892  
Bennett, L. A. Unknown graves 1880  
Benoit, George My Belgian rose 1918  
Benson, C. D. Capt. John Morgan schottish; John Morgan schottisch 1862  
Benson, C. D. Gen. A. Sidney Johnson's grand march 1861  
Benson, G. N. Captivation waltz 1918  
Benson, Jo. Belmont quick step; Share my cottage 1861  
Berge, H. Alabama secession galop 1861  
Bergen, Alfred Hiles Flanders' fields 1918  
Berger, H. L. Fantasma; Intermezzo two-step 1907  
Berlin, Irving Let's all be Americans now 1917  
Berlin, Irving I want to go back to Michigan; Down on the farm 1914  
Berlin, Irving That mysterious rag 1911  
Berlin, Irving I've got my captain working for me now 1919  
Berlin, Irving Ragtime violin 1911  
Berlin, Irving Sweeter than sugar is my sweetie 1919  
Berlin, Irving Alexander's ragtime band 1911  
Berlin, Irving For you country and my country 1917  
Berlin, Irving He's a devil in his own home town 1914  
Berlin, Irving My sweetie 1917  
Berlioz, Hector Captive; Reverie for mezzo-soprano 1881  
Bernard Granville In Florida among the palms; Ziegfield follies of 1916 1916  
Bernstein's Orchestra Unique galop 1866  
Bert Green Kuddles and kisses 1912  
Bert Williams Molly Green; In Dahomey 1902  
Bessie Davis On the banks of the Wabash far away 1897  
Bessie Duncan Eldridge Dubitation 1913  
Bevignani, Enrico Modesto Flower girl; Fioraja 1876  
Beyer, Ferdinand Morning star waltz; Schonbrunner waltz; Schoenbrunner    
Beyer, Ferdinand Beatrice di Tenda; Op. 87    
Bigelow, F. E. Our director 1901  
Billy Beard When I gets out in no man's land; I can't be bother'd with no mule 1918  
Billy Glason It's a long way to Berlin, but we'll get there 1917  
Billy Glason Can you tame wild wimmen 1918  
Billy McClellan In the morning by the bright light 1879  
Billy Morris Isabella and her gingham umbrella 1864  
Bimberg, Ed. That railroad rag 1911  
Birch, Harry Rollin to de sea 1884  
Bird My lady Chloe; op. 5 no.2; African love song; Negro love-song 1901  
Bisbee, M. G. De United States Hotel 1863  
Bishop, Henry R. (Henry Rowley) Gentle Nettie Moore 1857  
Bishop, Henry R. (Henry Rowley) Home, sweet home; Clari    
Bishop, T. Brigham (Thomas Brigham) The gray hairs of my mother 1869  
Bishop, T. Brigham (Thomas Brigham) A knot of blue and gray 1876  
Bishop, T. Brigham (Thomas Brigham) Ain't I sweet 1868  
Bivins, Nathan It makes no difference what you do, get the money; Get the money; African argument 1904  
Blackmar, A. E. (Armand Edward) Those dark eyes 1868  
Blackmar, A. E. (Armand Edward) God and our rights 1861  
Blackmar, A. E. (Armand Edward) The Beauregard Manassas quick-step 1861  
Blackmar, A. E. (Armand Edward) Washington artillery polka march 1864  
Blackmar, A. E. (Armand Edward) The Southrons' Chaunt of defiance 1861  
Blake, Charles D. Waves of the ocean march; Grand marche de concert    
Blake, Charles D. Waves of the ocean galop 1886  
Blake, Charles D. (Charles Dupee) On the race course; 3d grande galop de concert; Op. 103 1878  
Blanche Ring Tell the band to play an Irish tune 1906  
Blanche Ring My grandfather's girl; Jane O'Day 1916  
Blanche Ring In the good old summer time; The defender 1902  
Bland, James A. (James Allen) Oh dem golden slippers 1879  
Bland, James A. (James Allen) In the evening by the moonlight    
Blessner, Gustav Crystal wedding schottisch 1856  
Blind Tom Battle of Manassas 1866  
Blossom, Henry M. My San Domingo maid; Yankee consul 1903  
Blume, Frederick Spring, gentle spring waltz 1874  
Blumenthal, Jacques Message; Mein gruss 1884  
Bobby Newcomb Sweetest ever seen; Song and dance 1868  
Bogert, Lawrence Eugenia 1889  
Bohm, Carl Charge of the Uhlans; Attaque des Ulans; Grand galop militaire; Op. 213 1905  
Boieldieu, Francois Adrien Calife of Bagdad; Overture to Calife de Bagdad    
Bolian, Walter My Hawaiian rose 1918  
Bonner, Eugene A. Dreaming oe'r the past 1864  
Bonnie Lottie Matilda Brown; Negro song and chorus 1896  
Bordese, Luigi The sister of the nightingales; La soeur des rossignols 1859  
Bostwick, Helen L. How the gates came ajar 1869  
Botsford, George Sailing down the Chesapeake Bay 1913  
Botsford, George In dear old Arizona 1906  
Boulcott, J. R. Summer flower polka 1858  
Bowers, E. How are you green-backs! 1863  
Bowers, E. Dear Mother, I've come home to die    
Bowers, Frederick V. Down where the cocoanuts grow; Sally in our alley 1902  
Bowers, Robert Hood Chinese lullaby; East is West 1919  
Boyd Dillen Senora waltzes; Spanish waltz 1908  
Boyle, Francis E. Lament of the guardian angel 1855  
Boys in Virginia Dixie war song 1861  
Bradbury, William B. (William Batchelder) Marching along; Celebrated army song & chorus 1862  
Braham, David Slavery's passed away; Pete 1888  
Braham, David Walking for dat cake 1877  
Brahe, May H. (May Hannah) I passed by your window; Song pictures 1916  
Bramhall, Geo. H. Tell me will my dream come true 1900  
Brandeis, F. Santiago waltz 1889  
Branen, Jeff T. In the valley of the moon 1913  
Branen, Jeff T. In the valley of the moon 1913  
Breil, Joseph Carl Perfect song; Love strain from D.W. Griffith's gigantic spectacle the Birth of a nation; Birth of a nation 1915  
Brennan, J. Keirn The gates of gladness; The road to sunshine land 1919  
Brennan, James A. I can't stop doing it now 1912  
Brennan, James A. In the golden summertime 1915  
Brennan, James A. (James Alexander) The rose of no man's land; La rose sous les boulets 1918  
Brennen, Robert H. He dies on the fighting line; Just a message from the camp-fire 1901  
Bristow, Frank L. Sleep li'l chile, go sleep; A pathetic Mammy song 1900  
Brockman, James You ought to see the little garden in our back yard; Little garden in our back yard 1917  
Brookes, L. De G. (Laurence De Garmo) Prince Imperial, or, Quadrille de dames 1860  
Brother Johnathan The evacuation 1863  
Brougham, John The fine ould Irish gintleman 1860  
Brown, A. Seymour I'll do it all over again 1914  
Brown, A. Seymour Rebecca of Synnybrook farm 1914  
Brown, A. Seymour That rag-time regimental band 1912  
Brown, Adolphus Gen. Jos. E. Johnston's Manassas quick march 1861  
Brown, Al W. (Albert William) You're in style when you're wearing a smile 1918  
Brown, Al. W. Strongheart; Winter Garden success "The Passing show of 1913"; Indian song 1913  
Brown, Allen A. (Allen Augustus) Carlo io muojo; See, O Carlo!; Masnadieri 1869  
Brown, Charley Maurice Costello; I love-a dat man 1915  
Brown, Harry If ma babe could see me now 1905  
Brown, Harry I'm just barely living, dat's all 1903  
Brown, J. Alleine Old black Mammy 1911  
Brown, J. N. Harmonious blacksmith; Suites, harpsichord, HWV 430, E major. Air con variazioni 1884  
Brown, Lew I may be gone for a long, long time; Hitchy-koo 1917  
Brown, Lew We'll do our share while you're over there; I'm over here, you're over there 1918  
Browne, Raymond A. On the war-path. A wild west two step 1904  
Bryan, Alfred Madelon; I'll be true to the whole regiment 1918  
Bryan, Alfred Oui, oui, Marie; Wee, wee Marie 1918  
Bryan, Vincent In the sweet bye and bye 1902  
Bryan, Vincent I'd like to pose for you; The genius 1910  
Bryan, Vincent Man behind; Comic song 1904  
Bryan, Vincent In my merry Oldsmobile 1905  
Bryan, Vincent Tammany; A pale face pow-wow 1905  
Buck, Francis Le carnival de Venise quick step    
Buckley, Frederick Sally come up schottisch 1862  
Buckley, Frederick I'd choose to be a daisy; The child's choice    
Buckley, Frederick Darling little blue-eyed Nell    
Buckley, Frederick Darling little blue-eyed Nell    
Buckley, Frederick Darling little blue-eyed Nell    
Buckley's Serenaders Gentle Annie Ray 1862  
Buckley's Serenaders Break it gently to my mother 1863  
Buckley's Serenaders Song my mother loved to sing 1857  
Buckline, Harry Do we love as we loved song ago? 1865  
Buckline, Harry Tell me of my darling boy; Mother's reply to Just before the battle 1864  
Burdick, Irving Serenata; Op. 15, no. 1    
Burke, Boykin & Co. Lorena    
Burleigh, H. T. (Harry Thacker) Hard trials; Mat. XXIV, 21; Mat. VIII, 20 1909  
Burleigh, H. T. (Harry Thacker) O perfect love; Wedding song 1914  
Burleigh, H. T. (Harry Thacker) One year 1914-1915 1916  
Burleigh, H. T. (Harry Thacker) I don't feel no-ways tired 1917  
Burleigh, H. T. (Harry Thacker) Oh, didn't it rain 1919  
Burleigh, H. T. (Harry Thacker) Nobody knows de trouble I've seen 1917  
Burleigh, H. T. (Harry Thacker) I stood on de ribber ob Jerdon 1918  
Burleigh, H. T. (Harry Thacker) Sometimes I feel like a motherless child 1918  
Burleigh, H. T. (Harry Thacker) Swing low, sweet chariot 1917  
Burleigh, H. T. (Harry Thacker) 'Tis me, o Lord; Standin' in de need of pray'r; Negro spiritual 1918  
Burleigh, H. T. Harry Thacker You'll git dar in de mornin 1902  
Burtnett, Earl Some day 1918  
Burtnett, Earl Bangalore 1919  
Bush, Paul H. My dusky Ola from Pensacola 1903  
Butterfield, James A. The South our country 1861  
Byers, Samuel Hawkins Marshall When Sherman marched down to the sea    
Byrne, Flora President Jefferson Davis grand march; Jefferson Davis' march 1861  
C Ojos criollos; Les yeux creoles; Danse cubaine; Caprice brillant a quatre mains pour le piano 1860  
C Do they think of me at home? 1863  
C Ever of thee quick step 1860  
C. C. D. Stonewall banner! 1863  
C. Clarke Danse ecossaise 1890  
C. E. J. Sunbeam Sue; Serenade 1900  
C. Everest Amourette or Mount Vernon polka; Mount Vernon polka    
C. M. C. Our dress parade 1864  
C. T. B. True story 1897  
C.D. Good-bye little girl good-bye 1904  
C.G. Roder Second Virginia reel; op. 80, no. 7; Zweiter Negertanz 1901  
C.H. Baker Good bye, my honey, I'm gone 1885  
C.M.C. Humoreske; Op. 101, no. 7 1911  
C.O. Clayton Darling! 1871  
C.S. Winner Lazaroni maid 1868  
C.T. Gillingham Good bye John 1869  
C.W. Tayleure East Lynne march 1864  
Caddigan, Jack The dream I had last night 1915  
Caddigan, Jack Poor little rich girl 1914  
Caddigan, Jack In the old sweet way 1919  
Caldwell, Anna At the telephone; Blanche Ring's telephone song; His Majesty 1906  
Caldwell, Anne Evelyn; Pom pom 1916  
Callahan, J. Will Smiles 1918  
Cambridge Lodge 839 B.P.O. Elks The flag that's yours and mine 1909  
Campana, F. I live and love thee; Io vivo e t'amo 1867  
Canary and Lederer Come down ma Honey do; The lady slavey 1894  
Canary and Lederer Baby, baby; Lady slavey 1896  
Canonge, Placide Popping the question; Risquer la demande 1864  
Capano, Francis Love, true love 1914  
Capers, William Henry The Winder gallop    
Capt. J. Owen Moore The Wide Awake quick step 1860  
Capt. Jas. O'Neal, General Superindendent of the St.Louis and New Orleans Anchor Line Steamers Down in de co'n fiel' 1883  
Capt. Sam Brown, Pittsburg Early in de morning; Early in de mornin' 1877  
Capt. Thos. J. Olys Richmond march 1898  
Capt. Wm. Reyer of Linck Zouaves Dress parade; Polka militaire 1891  
Captain Creighton Three bells polka 1863  
Captn. Charles W. Brush Red shawl polka 1857  
Cardella, Frank She's lovely as a rose 1867  
Carl S. Graves Your lips are no man's land but mine; Over the top (Motion picture) 1918  
Carle, Herman A down home shout; Characteristic slow-drag two step 1907  
Carleton, Sidney Lamb that strayed from the fold 1906  
Carlisle, George Zelda 1906  
Carlton, C. Carry me home to die 1853  
Carrera, Liane Held Joan of Arc they are calling you 1917  
Carroll Johnson Wake up Gabriel 1885  
Carroll, Earl Dreaming; Pretty Mrs. Smith 1913  
Carroll, Harry The trail of the lonesome pine 1913  
Carroll, Harry Georgia land; Novelty song 1912  
Carter Uncle Sammy 1904  
Carter's Zouave Troupe Carry me back to Tennessee; Ellie Rhee 1865  
Catharine Hayes Dear land of my fathers 1851  
Cecil Spooner Good bye Eliza Jane 1903  
Chadwick, G. W. (George Whitefield) Allah 1887  
Challoner, Robert The old folks at home; Grande paraphrase de concert 1874  
Chamberlain, George W. We all wear cloaks 1855  
Chaminade, Cecile Flatterer; Lisonjera    
Champagne, Mildred The Mexican serenade; The Mexican 1913  
Charles B. Hicks The old home ain't what it used to be; Companion song to the Old folks at home 1872  
Charles Black Under the Swanee moon 1913  
Charles C. Crozier Fi, I, I quick step 1852  
Charles H. Russell Father breathe an evening blessing; Vesper hymn 1863  
Charles Tobias When it's cotton pickin' time in Alabam' 1915  
Charlie Howard I'se gwine back to Dixie; Companion to Old home ain't what it used to be 1874  
Charlie Howard Little ones at home 1873  
Chas. F. Pidgin Sing again; Bird song 1889  
Chas. L. Ward Sleep my darling, thou art weary; Mother's lullaby 1865  
Chas. Shober Grafted into the army; No. 13 1862  
Chase, A. G. Father pray with me tonight 1871  
Chassaignac, Eug. La fee aux yeux doux 1862  
Chattaway, Thurland Little black me 1899  
Chauncy Olcott Old fashioned mother; Sweet Inniscarra 1897  
Chevalier, Albert Future Mrs. 'Awkins; Cockney carol 1892  
Chicago CBing Good enough! 1871  
Chickering, C. F In the night she told a story 1870  
Children of the Strassburg Dancing Academy Dance of the brownies 1895  
Childs, J. Ward Pompey's contraband song 1864  
Chopin, Frederic Funeral march 1901  
Chretienne & Louisette Back to the Carolina you love 1914  
Christie MacDonald Major Marjory; Mexicana 1906  
Christina M. Semendinger In the days of old black Joe 1917  
Christina Nilsson Dreaming at midnight, reverie 1871  
Christy's Minstrels Old folks at home 1851  
Christy's Minstrels Old folks at home; Ethiopian melody 1851  
Cinthy Johnson We'll raise de roof tonight; New and original plantation melody 1884  
Circolo Musicale Pietro Mascagni of Phila. Pa. The flower of Italy waltz; Il fiore d'italia 1896  
Clara Louisa Kellogg Angel's serenade 1867  
Clarence Marks in Geo. Evans' Honey boy minstrels Listen to that jungle band 1911  
Clarence Oliver That old girl of mine 1912  
Claribel Take back the heart 1867  
Claribel I cannot sing the old songs    
Claribel What need have I the truth to tell!; Robin's reply; Answer to Won't you tell me why, Robin? 1896  
Clark, Edward Dying soldier; Kiss me good night Mother 1861  
Clark, Ella D. Adieu to the star spangled banner forever 1861  
Clark, Grant Rock-a-bye lullabye Mammy 1920  
Clarke, Grant I'll dance my way right back to Dixieland 1909  
Clarke, Grant Sit down! You're rocking the boat 1913  
Clarke, Grant I hate to lose you; I'm so used to you now 1918  
Clarke, Grant My little bimbo; Down on the bamboo isle; Silks and satins 1920  
Clarke, Grant If he can fight like he can love Good night, Germany! 1918  
Clarke, J. Letter in the candle    
Clarke, J. Letter in the candle 1880  
Clarkson, W. D. The prisoner's lament 1863  
Class of '58 Parting ode; Parting ode of the Class of '58 1858  
Claude Thardo In dear old Georgia 1905  
Clauder, Joseph Break the news to mother 1897  
Claypoole, Edward B. Hike to the pike 1904  
Clayton My poor heart is sad with its dreaming 1867  
Clayton Pukwudjies galop; Puck wudjie's galop; Metropolitan fair 1864  
Clayton Berceuse; Cradle song 1862  
Clayton Plantation dance; Burlesque 1867  
Clayton Improvisation on My southern sunny home 1865  
Clayton Limerick is beautiful; Colleen bawn 1865  
Clayton Rock me to sleep, Mother 1861  
Clayton Celebrated march (Soldier's chorus) from Gounod's opera Faust 1864  
Clayton The winds that waft my sighs to thee 1856  
Clayton Trusting schottisch 1868  
Clayton Message of love 1863  
Clayton Guide me, O thou great Jehovah 1868  
Clayton Aria con variazioni; Harmonious blacksmith 1876  
Clayton's Whispering schottisch 1863  
Clayton's The adieu, march of the U. S. Ship "North Carolina" 1864  
Clayton's Angola schottisch 1866  
Clesi, N. J. I'm sorry I made you cry 1918  
Clifford, Carrol Carrie Lee; They made her a grave 1865  
Clifton, Harry Dark girl dressed in blue 1864  
Coard, Henry A. Parade march 1865  
Coard, Henry A. The gipsies warning 1864  
Cobb, George L. When you dream of old New Hampshire, I dream of Tennessee 1916  
Cobb, George L. Levee land; One-step 1917  
Cognetti, L. M. (Leonardo M.) Vorrei morir; I'd wish to die; Melodia 1879  
Cohan & Harris If you look in her eyes; Going up 1917  
Cohan, George M. (George Michael) When you come back : and you will come back, there's the whole world waiting for you; March song 1918  
Cohan, George M. (George Michael) Over there 1917  
Cohen, Arthur M. Harlem Pleasure Club march 1888  
Col. Arthur Herbert I've no mother now, I'm weeping 1865  
Col. E. C. Anderson Battery schottisch 1863  
Col. J. Johnston Pettigrew Rifle Regiment quick step    
Col. J.B. McKean Col. McKean's quickstep 1862  
Col. James A. Lakin Whirligig 1897  
Col. Thomas W. McCoy March of the First Volunteer Regiment of Alabama    
Colburn, M. Rising of the people; The drum-tap rattles through the land 1862  
Colding, Florence Georgia sesqui-centennial march 1883  
Cole & Johnson I think an awful lot of you; Shoo-fly regiment 1907  
Cole and Johnson Won't you be my little brown bear; The Shoo-fly regiment 1907  
Coleman, Charles Just say "bye bye" mah honey 1897  
Coleman, Ed. J. Josette 1904  
Coleman, N. S. The standard bearer 1864  
Coley, J. T. Marche des Adelphiennes; Morceau caracteristique 1883  
Collier, Mary A. Death of St. Clare (Little Eva's father); Uncle Tom's cabin 1852  
Comer, T. (Thomas) The captain with his whiskers    
Committee of ladies of the Pittsburgh Sanitary Fair The relief polka 1864  
Companions of the Illinois Commandery of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States John Malone 1902  
Confare, Thomas R. Cannon ball; Characteristic two-step 1905  
Confederate Guards of New Orleans Our triumph at Manassas; Fantaisir mazurka    
Confederate Guards, New Orleans Confederates' polka march 1862  
Confederate States of America Jefferson Davis grand march; Our rights 1861  
Connor, T. W. Has anybody seen our cat?; Messenger boy 1899  
Converse, Charles C. (Charles Crozat) Rock beside the sea 1864  
Converse, Charles C. (Charles Crozat) Rock beside the sea    
Cook, Agnes Spofford Icicle 1919  
Cook, Will Marion Mandy Lou 1905  
Cooke, John P. Pat Malloy 1866  
Cooke, S. Gibson Down where the Congo flows 1903  
Cooper & Robinson Scissors to grind 1904  
Cooper, Geo. Ye midnight stars; Serenade 1868  
Cooper, Joe. Roo-ti-toot on your ragtime flute 1912  
Coote, Charles Plantation galop; Billy Paterson; Peter Gray    
Copcutt-Williams Oh, on, on, the boys came marching; Prisoner free 1865  
Corn-fed Army of Tennessee Short rations 1864  
Cornish, William J. A trip to Niagara 1908  
Courlaender, B. Il trovatore fantaisie elegante 1856  
Courtney Canton Beautiful isle of somewhere 1901  
Cowan, Rubey You'll always find a lot of sunshine in my old Kentucky home 1918  
Cowen, Frederic H. (Frederic Hymen) Light in darkness; The quiver    
Cox, Clifford Henry Irving grand march 1883  
Cox, John S. Sweet days gone by 1877  
Cox, S. E. Living picture that made a slave of me 1910  
Crawford, Mrs. Gipsey countess    
Crawford, Mrs. Murmuring sea    
Crawford, Mrs. Kathleen Mavourneen    
Crawford, Mrs. Gipsey countess    
Crawford, Walter J. I don't want to be a sailor; The geezer of Geck 1905  
Creamer, Henry Good bye Alexander, good bye honey boy 1918  
Crehen Dying soldier; The moon rose o'er the battle plain 1864  
Croisez, A. Hirondelle et le prisonnier; Prisoner and the swallow; Op. 58; Caprice de genre    
Crosby, Charles R. Rosecrans' victory march 1863  
Cusachs, C. V. (Carlos Val�rien) Exodus 1904  
Cutter, G. W. Our banner of glory!; National hymn 1861  
D.C. Driscoll Wedding march; Midsummer-night's dream    
D.C.E. Dusty rag 1908  
D.J. Sullivan He laid away a suit of gray to wear the Union blue 1901  
Dacre, Harry I can't think ob nuthin' else but you; Luli Lu 1896  
Daly, Jos. M. (Joseph M. Scented roses waltzes 1909  
Daly, Julia Dying Camille    
Dan Bryant I'll never forget thee, dear Mary 1866  
Dan Bryant, of Bryants' Minstrels Lanigan's ball; Popular Irish song 1863  
Dana, Mrs. Pass under the rod 1862  
Danks, H. P. Silver threads among the gold 1901  
Danks, H. P. Silver threads among the gold 1873  
Danks, H. P. (Hart Pease) A voice in my heart, love, is calling for you 1876  
Danks, H. P. (Hart Pease) Massa, aint de ole home lonely 1875  
Danks, H. P. (Hart Pease) Easter carols; Christ is risen! Lift the song; Arise up my love 1892  
Daughters of the Confederacy Dixie fantasie 1894  
Dauphin, Walter Would you paint all the colored people white?; Ethiopian song 1893  
Davenport, Ambrose O Lord, veil not thy face! 1865  
David Bispham A perfect day 1910  
David, Frank The king of the winds 1900  
Davis, Auguste Violet lancers 1871  
Davis, E. C. The Egyptian girl's song 1850  
Davis, Frank What a wonderful girl you are 1920  
Davis, Jefferson Confederacy march 1861  
Day, Oscar F. G. When at last we have home rule in Erin 1896  
Dayton Masonic Institute Medley overture 1851  
De Koven, Reginald Japanese lullaby; Op. 53, no. 2 1890  
De Koven, Reginald Oh promise me; op. 50 1889  
De Rose, Peter Now that the fighting is over 1918  
De Takacs If I had some one like you at home (I wouldn't want to go out) 1914  
De Takacs If I could peep thru the window tonight 1918  
De Takacs I want a little corner in your heart 1909  
De Takacs Her little soldier boy 1906  
De Takacs I wanna go back to dear old Mother's knee 1919  
De Takacs Good bye my soldier lad 1905  
De Takacs I'm goin' to fight my way right back to Carolina 1918  
De Takacs Somebody knows; I love somebody and somebody knows 1915  
De Takacs I'd do as much for you; Hmm, we're having lovely weather 1912  
De Takacs I'm going right back to Chicago 1906  
De Takacs In the land o' Yamo Yamo; Funiculi, funiculi, funicula 1917  
De Takacs Rain in the face 1907  
De Takacs I'll make a ring around Rosie 1910  
De Takacs Come on to Nashville Tennessee 1916  
De Takacs Liberty 1916  
De Takacs When Verdi plays the hurdy gurdy 1916  
De Takacs After all! 1908  
De Takacs Get together; Fox trot 1905  
De Takacs Put on your old grey bonnet 1909  
De Takacs Bull Durham 1908  
De Takacs While you're away; Pack up your cares in a bundle of joy 1918  
De Takacs They had to swim back to the shore 1904  
De Takacs Andre C. Barn dance 1908  
De Takacs, Andre C. Don't take my darling boy away! 1915  
De. J. D. Blanton War-Belmont march and ode 1915  
Dedicated by the Sun of Baltimore to the gallant warship that bears the name of the monumental city The Baltimore 1888  
DeHaven Poppy-time in old Japan 1915  
Dekress, Charles R. Wait, my children, wait 1880  
Delamarre, Louis Over there 1917  
Delbruck, G. Visions d'amour    
Delehanty and Hengler Shoo fly; Walk round from the negro farce of the Cook 1869  
Delemater, A. G. The girl that I had in mind; Freckles 1912  
Deleurie, L. Toi et moi; Thou & I 1860  
Delirio & Luis Bregeiro; Rio Brazilian maxixe; Tango Bresiliene 1914  
DeLuce, George City Guard quickstep 1850  
Democratic Party Hurrah for our leader!; Democratic campaign song; Turkey in the straw 1912  
Dempsey, James E. It's never too late to be sorry 1918  
Dempsey, Joseph T. Love bird 1911  
Denault, Jules Schottisch artistique    
Denck, Joseph H. (Joseph Hart) Magnolia polka 1863  
Denck, Joseph H. (Joseph Hart) Mother is the battle over    
Dennison, C. M. When the sheep are in the fold, Jennie dear 1907  
Deroche, Ls. Le reve; Il bacio; Der Kuss; The kiss 1863  
Derschaky, E. G. General Grant's grand march 1907  
DeTakacs Tango toreador 1914  
Dett, R. Nathaniel I'm so glad trouble don't last alway 1919  
Dewing, E. G. Get out of Mexico 1866  
DeWitt, Len O' Uncle Josh's huskin dance 1898  
Dillingham, Charles The streets of New York; The red mill 1906  
Dippy Dip That Dixie dip rag; Rag two step 1912  
Dittmar & Furman Flower of the Nile 1907  
Dittmar & Furman The twelfth regiment (N.G.P.) March-two step; Companion piece to Repasz Band March 1908  
Dittmar & Furman Dance of the nightingales; Barn dance 1908  
Dittmar, W.J. Only a dream of you; Garden of dreams 1909  
Dobson, Austin Send them home tenderly 1911  
Doc White Little puff of smoke, good night; Southern croon 1910  
Dodworth, Allen Varsoviana; Varsovienne 1860  
Dodworth, Charles B. Gymnast Zouaves quick step 1861  
Dohler, Theodore Nocturne pour piano    
Donaldson, Walter Just try to picture me down home in Tennessee 1915  
Donaldson, Walter I've got the nicest little home in Dixie 1917  
Donaldson, Walter Come on the Nashville Tennessee 1916  
Donaldson, Walter You're a million miles from nowhere (When you're one little mile from home) 1919  
Donizetti, Gaetano Belisario 1855  
Donizetti, Gaetano On to the field of glory; Belisario    
Donizetti, Gaetano While thus around joy hovers; Dans ce palais regnent pourte seduire; La favorite 1850  
Donnelly, E. Isadora 1858  
Dooley and Nelson The darktown strutters' ball; I'll be down to get you in a taxi, honey 1917  
Doty, Charles W. Her boy in blue 1909  
Dr. A.G. Brock The 199 Broad Street polka 1864  
Dr. E. D. Foree Write me a letter from home 1866  
Drayton, Frank Shamrock march; Irishman's toast 1882  
Dresser, Paul The voice of the Hudson 1903  
Dressler, Marie My chilly baby 1900  
Dressler, William Argyle polka 1851  
Dressler, William Comin' thro' the rye; Scotch ballad 1851  
Drisland, Jack Arrah Wanna; An Irish Indian matrimonial venture 1906  
Drumheller, Louis A. Beautiful star of heaven; Op. 48 1905  
Dubin, Alfred The dream of a soldier boy 1917  
Dulin Studio In the hills of old Kentucky; My mountain rose 1914  
Dumont and Kennedy Knocking at the gates of Jordan 1881  
Dumont, Frank Which road is you gwine to take 1880  
Dumont, Frank Our torchlight parade 1880  
Dumont, Frank The old cuckoo clock 1882  
Dumont, Frank When I walked home from school with you 1902  
Dunk There's a light that's burning in the window of the little house upon the hill 1915  
Durand, Hampton That Kentucky rag; A winning miss; The sunny side of Broadway 1912  
Duvernoy, Jean Baptiste Agnes polka    
E. & C. Robyn Sontag polka    
E. C. B. I am a little weaver 1853  
E. Crehen Les cloches du monastere; The monastery bell; Nocturne    
E. Crehen Farewell to the star spangled banner    
E. Crehen God save the South; Our national Confederate anthem    
E. Crehen Beauregard's Charleston quickstep 1863  
E. Crehen Riding a raid    
E. Crehen T'was bright but t'was a dream 1863  
E. Crehen The Switzer's farewell    
E. Crehen There's music in the air    
E. H. Pfeiffer He'd have to get under, get out and get under to fix up his automobile 1913  
E. M'Carthy Favorite; Op. 200 1854  
E. M'Carthy Lucrezia; Lucrezia Borgia 1854  
E. M'Carthy Grand round; Petersburg; March cotillion; Old point cotillion; Butterfly; Bird of liberty    
E. M'Carthy Depths of the ocean 1860  
E. M'Carthy Pop goes the weasel for Fun & frolic with a full description of the figures    
E. McCarthy Minna polka 1858  
E. Muller Keep on the target; A service song 1906  
E. Pfeiffer When I lost you 1912  
E. Pfeiffer When that midnight choo, choo leaves for Alabam' 1912  
E. Pfeiffer Ragtime soldier man 1912  
E. Pfeiffer Pullman porters parade 1913  
E. Pfeiffer That international rag; The international rag 1913  
E. Pfeiffer The greatest day the world will ever know 1918  
E. Pfeiffer Virginia Lee 1915  
E. Pfeiffer Blaze of honor 1915  
E. W. C. There's life in the old land yet; National song 1862  
E. W. M. I feel thy blissful presence; Ich fuhle deinen odem; Op. 39 1873  
E. Weber The Grays quick step 1850  
E.C. (French translation) O ye tears!; O mes pleurs! 1866  
E.C. Caswell Hush-a-bye o'-baby; Georgia lullaby 1903  
E.E. Walton I never knew I had a wonderful wife until the town went dry 1919  
E.E. Walton Oh! Frenchy 1918  
E.E. Walton There are just two I's in Dixie; Two blue eyes that mean the world to me 1919  
E.E. Walton There's nobody home but me 1918  
E.H. Pfeiffer There's a heart of gold that's waiting (in the heart of the golden west) 1914  
E.H. Pfeiffer Pickin' on de ole banjo; Old fashion cake walk 1915  
E.H. Pfeiffer General delivery march & two-step 1911  
E.H. Pfeiffer It takes a long tall brown-skin gal to make a preacher lay his Bible down; Companion song to Pray for the lights to go out 1917  
E.L. Greene My dear old Southern home 1876  
E.M.F. Poor old slave 1851  
E.O. Carter, esq. Southern rights polka 1861  
E.W. Locke The old log cabin in the dell 1875  
Earl American patrol; Op. 92 1914  
Earl, Mary Beautiful Ohio 1918  
Earle, A. I. The passing regiment 1919  
Eastburn The little brown jug 1869  
Eastwood, Ted My little girl 1916  
Eastwood, Ted I'm crying just for you 1913  
Eaton, E. O. (Edward O.) Childhood 1864  
Eaton, E. O. (Edward O.) There's life in the old land yet    
Eaton, E. O. (Edward O.) Angel of dreams 1864  
Eberhart, Nelle Richmond At dawning; I love you; Op. 29, no. 1 1906  
Eberhart, Nelle Richmond From the land of the sky-blue water; Op. 45, no. 1; Four American Indian songs 1909  
Eckert, J. W. H. Kickapoo waltz 1884  
Ed. K. Cassady Please Sir, don't ask me again; A scene from the drama of life 1902  
Ed. K. Cassady 'Neath the pines of Vermont 1904  
Ed. Lux Jolly pickanninies; Cake walk and two step 1905  
Ed. Mendel Sadly the bells toll the death of the hero 1861  
Eddie Cantor Campmeeting band 1914  
Eddie Leonard I'm goin' to live anyhow 'till I die 1901  
Eddie Leonard Malinda; Come down to me 1905  
Edw. Mendel Evangeline waltz 1866  
Edward B. Edwards Valse-caprice 1872  
Edward Halliday I cannot call her Mother 1858  
Edward T. Morgan I'm from Missouri and you gotter show me 1902  
Edwards & Ronney Down where the Wurzburger flows 1902  
Edwards, Gus Take me back to my Louisiana home 1904  
Edwards, Gus If I came back to you and said "I'm sorry" 1913  
Edwards, Gus In Zanzibar; My little chimpanzee; Medal and the maid 1904  
Edwards, Gus By the light of the silvery moon 1909  
Edwards, Gus Good bye and luck be with you Laddie boy 1917  
Edwards, Leo He's just plain ordinary man but Lord how he can love 1909  
Edwin Booth Petruchio waltz 1860  
Egghard, Jules La brunette; Op. 207, no. 2    
Ehrgott & Krebs Heavenward! march celeste 1865  
Ehrgott & Krebs Masked battery schottisch    
Ehrgott, Forbriger & Co. Celebrated Ristori waltz; Ristori waltz 1866  
Ehrgott, Forbriger & Co. Mary's waiting at the window 1866  
Ehrgott, Forbriger & Co. Cry baby's waltz 1866  
Eichberg, Julius Genl. Lyon's battle march; General Lyon's battle march 1859  
Elinore, Kate Just like Washington crossed the Delaware, General Pershing will cross the Rhine 1918  
Elizabeth and Cecelia Gossip two-step 1901  
Elizabeth Murray Put your arms around me honey, I never knew any girl like you; Madame Sherry 1910  
Elizabeth Murray Alabama jubilee 1915  
Elkin, R. H. Alone!; Sans amour 1897  
Ella of woodlawn Bird of beauty    
Ellis, Jacob Henry Hannah's promenade 1897  
Ellis, M. Melville When love is young 1906  
Elmer Chickering Little kinkies; Dance a la pidgeon wing 1894  
Elsa Ryan Fishing for the moon; Green bird 1907  
Elsie Murphy Daddy come home 1913  
Emerson, Billy Sassy Sam 1865  
Emerson, Ida Hello ma baby 1899  
Emerson, L. O. (Luther Orlando) We are coming Father Abra'am 300.000 more 1862  
Emma Twilight dreams 1865  
Emma Carus I'm saving up the means to get to New Orleans 1916  
Emma Carus In your eyes 1920  
Emmett J. Welch The message of the honeymoon 1912  
Emmett J. Welch Come back home; Home sweet home; Back to home, sweet home 1915  
Emmett, Daniel Decatur Dixie for the Union; (tune: Camptown races) 1860  
Emmett, Daniel Decatur I'm going home to Dixie 1861  
Emmett, Daniel Decatur Three cheers for our Jack Morgan!; Camp song 1864  
Emmett, Daniel Decatur Richmond is a hard road to travel 1863  
Emmett, J. K. (Joseph K.) Emmet's cuckoo song; Cuckoo song; Fritz in Ireland 1879  
Emmett, J. K. (Joseph K.) Swell song; Fritz in Ireland 1881  
Endicott I'll send you down a letter from de sky 1884  
Engelbrecht, J. C. The separation    
Engelbrecht, J. C. Fairy's burial 1855  
Engelbrecht, J. C. Wandering sprite 1859  
Engelke, Sandy The old wedding ring 1908  
Engelmann, H. Melody of love; op. 600 1903  
Engelmann, H. Legend of the bells; Chimes of Normandy 1902  
Eph. Horn I'm so fond of dancing 1868  
Ephraim Leonard Corning Beware!; Cavatina 1864  
Eppel, John Valentine Hush-a-bye, ma baby; Missouri waltz 1915  
Equede, Willie d' Heroes' march; Albert S. Johnston 1887  
Ernest (Pete) Lambert Louisiana rag 1918  
Esher Sisters Listen to the big brass band 1904  
Ethel Levey The wedding of the Blue and the Gray; George Washington Jr. 1906  
Ethiopian Serenaders Oh! Susanna    
Europe's Orchestra Free and easy; Fox trot; Castles in the air 1914  
Eustis, Fred J. If they must tear me from thy heart; Bluebeard Jr. 1889  
Eva Mudge Bill Bailey, won't you please come home? 1900  
Evans, Clark W. In the cradle nest; Lullaby 1884  
Evans, George When it's moonlight on the levee, Caroline 1903  
Everest, C. Maiden's prayer 1879  
Everest, C. We do think of thee at home; Reply to Do they think of me? 1862  
Everest, C. Five o'clock in the morning 1866  
Everett, A. Brooks (Asa Brooks) My mothers cottage home 1861  
Ex. Gov. C.J. McDonald of Ga. Southern right's march 1853  
Exodus VIII Go down, Moses; Let my people go! 1917  
F I'm living on 5th Avenue 1901  
F. & M. Till we meet again 1918  
F. Crow Susan's Sunday out 1865  
F. Gockeritz Good news from home 1854  
F. Gockeritz Poor Charlie; Old slave who ran away & was carried back to his master 1855  
F. Gockeritz There's music in the air 1857  
F. Goeckeritz Jessie's dream or the relief of Lucknow 1858  
F. H. Slavery days; Characteristic march 1906  
F. J. F. My old New Hampshire home 1898  
F. Moras Good night, sweet dreams; Gut' Nacht, mein Lieb' 1885  
F. Perring La chasse infernal; Grand galop brillante; Op. 23 1870  
F. Perring Faust's Wildfang galop; Wildfang galop    
F. Ziegfeld, Jr. Hold me; Ziegfeld follies of 1920; Fox trot song 1920  
F. Ziegfeld, Jr. When I hear a syncopated tune; Ziegfeld follies 1918 1918  
F. Ziegfeld, Jr. My pony boy; Miss Innocence; Anna Held 1909  
F.A. Fisher Down by the river side 1902  
F.G. Hale The night has a thousand eyes 1904  
F.G. Hale Under the rose; Op. 8, no. 1 1897  
F.G. Hale Absent 1899  
F.J. Lawson What'll we do with him boys?; The Yanks made a monkey out of you 1918  
Fabri O tell me! Tell me! birdie wild?; O bitt' euch lieb Voglein 1865  
Fairman, George I'm the guy that paid the rent for Mrs. Rip Van Winkle 1914  
Fairman, George I don't know where I'm going but I'm on my way 1917  
Fairman, George I think we've got another Washington and Wilson is his name 1915  
Falconnet, E. F. Annabel Lee 1853  
Faust, Henri Boccaccio and Nancy Lee on a racket; Galop unique 1880  
Fawcett, Geo. E. President's emancipation march 1862  
Federal Volunteers throught the Union Glory, hallelujah; The popular refrain of Glory, hallelujah; [Battle hymn of the republic] 1861  
Ferd. Meyer & Sons Vue de l'eau march 1873  
Ferrer, M. Y. Sweet Emeline 1871  
Field, Virginia Liebestraum; Nocturne 1892  
Fieldhouse, Alfred Eventide; Reverie 1901  
Fields-Gay, Catherine Follow me; Negro spiritual 1919  
Fillmore, Henry Vashti; Characteristique 1904  
First Tennessee Opera Troupe Kingdom's coming; The song of the contraband 1864  
Fischer, Fred Peg o'my heart 1913  
Fischer, Fred I want to go to Tokio 1914  
Fisher, Fred Peg o' my heart 1913  
Fisher, Fred Zis for you, "zat" for you! 1913  
Fisher, Fred I'm on my way to Mandalay 1913  
Fitz, Albert H. Now I wants ma pay 1899  
Fitzgibbon, Bert Eeny, meeny, miny, mo 1906  
Flash, Harry L. What care I for lilies pale; Vocal polonaise 1868  
Flatow, Leon Everybody loves a "jazz" band 1917  
Fleeson, Neville I'll be with you in apple blossom time 1920  
Fleming, Albert I keep it still that faded flower 1863  
Fletcher, John When I saw sweet Nellie home    
Flick, C. roland Oriental carnival grand march 1899  
Flick, C. Roland Muted strings at twilight; op. 19 1909  
Flivver, A. A Ford song 1918  
Florance, Claude Florette 1877  
Floris, Agnetta Kentucky dream waltz 1919  
Flotow, Friedrich von Solo profugo rejetto; From the time of earliest childhood 1856  
Flynn, allan Bing! bang! bing 'em on the Rhine 1918  
Folsom Nicodemus and his banjo; Cake-walk march & two step 1899  
Forbes May Irwin's Bully song; Widow Jones 1896  
Forbriger Shamus O'Brien; Answer to Nora O'Neal 1867  
Ford, John Ef de party wins 1880  
Ford, Lena Guilbert Keep the home-fires burning; Till the boys come home 1915  
Forde, Stanley H. Here's to the nut brown ale; A princess of Kensington 1903  
Foster Quartette Club (Hoboken, N.J.) My blue eyed Jennie Bell 1866  
Foster, Stephen Collins My old Kentucky home; Old-time darkey song 1898  
Foster, Stephen Collins Beautiful dreamer; Serenade 1865  
Foster, Stephen Collins Old black Joe    
Foster, Stephen Collins Old folks at home 1887  
Foster, Stephen Collins My old Kentucky home, good night 1909  
Foster, Stephen Collins The old folks at home 1901  
Foster, Stephen Collins Old folks at home; Way down upon the Swanee river 1894  
Foster, Stephen Collins That's what's the matter 1862  
Foster, Stephen Collins Why no one to love?; answer to No one to love    
Foster, Stephen Collins I see her still in my dreams    
Foster, Stephen Collins Old folks at home 1853  
Foster, Stephen Collins Oh boys, carry me 'long; Plantation melody 1851  
Foster, Stephen Collins Parthenia to Ingomar    
Foster, Stephen Collins Fairy-belle    
Foster, Stephen Collins Gentle Annie 1856  
Foster, Stephen Collins Willie my brave 1851  
Foster, Stephen Collins Nelly was a lady 1853  
Foster, Stephen Collins Old black Joe    
Foster, Stephen Collins Laura Lee 1851  
Foster, Stephen Collins Old black Joe; Transcription de concert; Foster's original theme with variations 1903  
Foster, Stephen Collins My old Kentucky home, Good-night    
Fox, Eddie Down by the mill 1877  
Fox, Eddie The old kitchen door 1881  
Fox, G. D. Over the garden wall    
Francis E. Brownell Col. Ellsworth's funeral march 1861  
Francis, G. I. It's a wonderful world after all 1916  
Francis, S. Nanon mazurka 1887  
Francis, William T. Enniscorthy 1891  
Frank A. Nankivel Such is my love for you 1906  
Frank A. Nankivel On the blue hills of New England, far away 1906  
Frank A. Nankivel Rae! Rae! Rae! 1906  
Frank A. Nankivell My farewell don't mean good-bye 1906  
Frank A. Nankivell 'Mid the fields of snowy cotton 'round my dear old Southern home 1906  
Frank A. Nankivell Waiting, waiting, for the day that ne'er will come 1906  
Frank Croxton On the road to Mandalay 1907  
Frank Leslie Blue jay's melody 1863  
Frank Nankivell In the orchard where the children used to play; Old homesong 1906  
Frank Parker Tell mother not to worry 1899  
Frank, M. H. Reply to the Bonnie blue flag; Answer to the Bonnie blue flag 1862  
Frank, M. H. No one to love: Ballad    
Franklin Type Foundry (stereotyper) Delta kappa epsilon grand march 1861  
Frantzen, Henry It's time to close your drowsy eyes an' sleep; Lullaby 1910  
Fred G. Latham Left all alone again blues; Night boat 1920  
Fred W. Braggins Little brown baby 1907  
Fred Weber When the flowers bloom on no man's land what a wonderful day that will be 1918  
Fred. W. Zaulig Ronde de Mephisto; Je suis Mephisto; Le petit Faust 1870  
Fredericks, Al Lazy Sam 1903  
Freedley, Vinton Madagascar mangle; Rag two-step 1912  
Freedman, Max C. I'm happy go lucky 1919  
Freeman, Harold B. Virginia moonlight 1920  
Freeman, Harold B. It's a long way from Berlin to Broadway 1917  
French, Arthur W. Little sweetheart come and kiss me 1875  
French, Arthur W. You'll miss me when I'm gone 1878  
French, Arthur W. Watching by the golden gate 1874  
French, Frank Idaho 1864  
Frew Somebody's coming to my house 1913  
Frew Little black lamb 1907  
Frew Cavalleria rusticana intermezzo    
Frew Corn flower waltz    
Frew Black Hawk waltzes    
Friedland, Anatole I'm hearing' from Erin and mother o'mine 1917  
Friedman, Leo In the shadow of the Carolina hills 1907  
Frigate Cumberland The last broadside 1862  
Friml, Rudolf You're in love 1916  
Frisch, Billy Minnie shimme for me 1918  
Fry, Herbert As I'd nothing else to do    
Fry, William Henry Evening meditation 1907  
G.E. Mudder knows 1903  
G.E. Phyllis waltzes 1900  
G.F. Swain Where the flowers bloom 1870  
G.F. Swain Won't you tell me why robin    
G.F. Swain On the beautiful blue Danube; Walzer; Op. 314    
G.F. Swain The original Dixon's line or Dixey land; Dixey's land with variations 1860  
G.F. Swain Opera house march 1872  
G.H. Primrose of Thatcher, Primrose & West's Minstrels Mosey on to glory 1886  
G.S. Burton, M.D. Tell me darling that you love me; Serenade and chorus; Companion to Twinkling stars 1867  
G.W. Ackerman Womans right; A right good ballad rightly illustrating womans rights 1853  
Gabriel, Charles Hutchinson Go to sleep my honey; Solo in darkey dialiect 1897  
Gabriel, Jacob Brought back victory again; Patriotic march song 1919  
Gabriel, Virginia The Forsaken; She sat beside the mountain spring    
Gabriel, Virginia When sparrows build    
Gaby Deslys That hula hula; Stop, look, listen 1915  
Gage, George W. Sleepy-headed little Mary Green; A yawning song 1900  
Ganter, F. Favorite students serenade; Donna Juanita 1885  
Ganz, Moritz The rose; Mit einer Rose 1860  
Gardenier, Ed. School mates; Not so many years ago 1909  
Gardner, William H. He was a soldier brave 1892  
Garrett, T. E. Guard of land and sea 1861  
Garrett, T. Ellwood Bell Brandon 1854  
Gartlan, George H. (George Hugh) What an Irishman means by Machree 1916  
Garton, Ted I am always building castles in the air 1919  
Gautier, Leonard Secret; Intermezzo pizzicato 1888  
Geddes, J. L. Bonnie flag with the stripes and stars; Bonnie blue flag 1863  
Geibel, Adam South Car'lina tickle : Cake walk 1898  
Geibel, Adam Kentucky Babe; Plantation lullaby 1896  
Geibel, Adam Old year dies tonight 1885  
Geil, F. Blandina; Polka brilliante 1855  
Gen. John F. Hartranft The Governor's march 1873  
Gen. T. J. Jackson, the Southern hero Stonewall Jackson's grand march 1863  
Gene Austin My melancholy baby 1912  
Gene Buck The gondolier 1904  
General Don Jose Paez Marche de nuit 1856  
General Robert E. Lee General Lee's grand march    
General William Smith, Governor of Virginia Old Dominion march 1863  
Genl. Beauregard Fall of Fort Sumter 1861  
Genl. Turner Ashby, C.S.A. Ashby galop 1862  
Gennari, Federico Trumpet schottisch; Op. 41 1868  
Geo. F. Bensell Woodburn polka 1855  
Geo. F. Swain Kiss waltz; Bacio 1865  
Geo. F. Swain Sally come up 1864  
Geo. F. Swain Childhood and home    
Geo. H. Primrose She is mine to have and to hold 1901  
Geo. H. Walker Marche de nuit 1888  
Geo. H. Walker The old sentinel march 1888  
Geo. Hart Johnson wins the cake 1897  
Geo. Minor Never court but one; I have finished it, the letter that tells him he is free 1856  
Geo. Swain Kitty Wells 1861  
Geo. Swain Angel friends 1862  
George Evans Look our for the hoodoo-doo-doo man 1899  
George H. Walker I know your face but I can't call your name 1914  
George R. White Love; Sergeant Kitty 1903  
George, G. Confederate flag 1861  
George, G. Confederate flag 1861  
Georgius Wearing of the grey!; Wearing of the green 1865  
German & Br. Here's your mule; Comic camp song and chorus 1862  
German & Bro. Lone grave by the sea 1862  
German & Bro. Lucilla, the maid of Shiloh 1864  
Germania Musical Society Brightest eyes galop 1855  
Germania Musical Society L'Orleana galop 1853  
Germania Orchestra Six in hand galop 1868  
Germania Orchestra Radetzky march; Op. 228    
Gertie Brown Shake yo' dusters; Piccaninny rag 1898  
Gertrude Cogut He's a rag picker 1914  
Gesner In dear old Dixie I long to be 1907  
Gilbert, L. Wolfe (Louis Wolfe) Dreamy Amazon 1919  
Gilbert, L. Wolfe (Louis Wolfe) Set aside your tears till the boys come marching home 1917  
Gill, Charles H. 29th regiment march 1863  
Gill, Edward J. I'm leaving thee in sorrow, Annie    
Gill, Mason Mah black-eyed rascal; Darktown lullaby 1899  
Gillingham Flower polka 1865  
Gillingham Sea foam mazurka 1865  
Gillingham The Syanna schottisch 1853  
Gillingham Lone star or Secession polka 1861  
Gillingham Let me kiss him for his mother 1852  
Gillingham La violette polka mazurka 1865  
Gillingham Ocean spray polka 1865  
Gillingham Buchanan Schottisch; Op. 30 1856  
Gillingham Soldier's wife 1860  
Gillingham Sweet Evelina waltz 1865  
Gillingham Paradise waltz 1858  
Gillingham Regent's march 1859  
Gillingham Family cottillions first sett 1856  
Gillingham Osgood waltz; I have something sweet to tell you 1855  
Gillingham Old fashioned cottillions with appropriate figures 1856  
Gillingham Les bords du Danube 1855  
Gillingham Affection Schottisch 1853  
Gillingham Oh! hail us ye free; Grand chorus of the winds from Ernani 1861  
Gillingham The lancers quadrilles; Les Lanciers quadrilles 1858  
Gimbel, Charles Grand paraphrase de concert on the popular melody Old black Joe; Old black Joe; Op. 33 1877  
Gladys Leslie I'm going to follow the boys; Novelty song 1917  
Glick, Messe G. M. When you sang "Hush-a-bye Baby" to me; Companion song to Missouri waltz song (Hush-a-bye ma baby) 1918  
Glover, Charles Finigan's wake; Popular Irish song 1864  
Glover, Charles Nancy Fat 1864  
Glover, Charles William Conscript's departure; Jeannette & Jeannot    
Glover, Charles William Jeannette & Jeannot; Conscripts departure    
Glover, Stephen Do they think of me at home    
Glover, Stephen Song of Blanche Alpen    
Glover, Stephen Fort Sumpter grand march    
Glover, Stephen The Southron's watchword!; The grave of a hero or victory 1861  
Glover, Stephen The Southron's watchword!; The grave of a hero or victory 1861  
Glover, Stephen Mother can this the glory be 1862  
Glover, Stephen The Southron's watchword!; The grave of a hero or victory 1861  
Glover, Stephen They said my love would change with time    
Glover, Stephen Do they think of me at home    
Glover, Stephen Goodbye at the door    
Glover, Stephen Good bye at the door    
Glover, Stephen Blind girl to her harp    
Glover, Stephen Do they think of me at home 1866  
Goerdeler, Richard Sambo's hunting song 1897  
Goetz, Coleman We'll have a jubilee in my old Kentucky home 1915  
Golden, John I can dance with everybody but my wife; Sybil 1916  
Goldman, Maxwell Ostende; Ball room dance 1910  
Goodman, Frank Swanee blues 1920  
Goodwin, Joe A little bit of sunshine; A little bit of sunshine from home 1918  
Gosden, J. T. Return of Enoch Arden 1866  
Gosden, J. T. Smile once again my Hattie dear 1856  
Gottler, Archie I'm looking for a warm spot 1915  
Gottschalk, Louis F. (Louis Ferdinand) Keep a inchin an' a inchin' along 1896  
Gottschalk, Louis F. (Louis Ferdinand) Slumber on Baby dear; Mother's cradle song; Laninnarella 1863  
Gottschalk, Louis Moreau Miserere du Trovatore; Paraphrase de concert 1888  
Gounod, Charles Selection from the opera Faust 1902  
Gouraud, Jackson Keep your eye on your friend Mister Johnson; Swell Miss Fitzwell 1898  
Grace Wilson Mammy's shufflin' dance 1911  
Graf, Charles H. U.S. fleet sailing around the world (Dec. 16th 1907-Febr. 22nd 1909); Song without words 1909  
Graham, Charles Picture that is turned toward the wall; Pathetic song and chorus 1891  
Graham, Charles Two little girls in blue 1893  
Grannis, H. E. Do they miss me at home?    
Grant Brower The Virginia skedaddle; Ethiopian patrol 1892  
Grant, Bert The tale the church bell told; Someone will answer for my silence 1918  
Grant, Farragut S. Steady! boys, steady!!; March two-step 1905  
Graves, Robert Golden crown; Negro spiritual 1919  
Graves, Sidney Please God, make room for a little boy! 1874  
Gray & Valory Empire state grand march 1864  
Gray & Valory I cannot, cannot say farewell 1861  
Gray & Valory Camp-fire song 1864  
Gray & Valory Silvery shower; Tremolo etude    
Gray, Henry W. Columbia waltz 1863  
Gray, Roger I thought my troubles were over, but they'd scarce begun; Abyssinia 1906  
Greatorex, H. W. (Henry Wellington) Love me!    
Greene I have no joy but in thy smile; Written expressly for Godey's lady's book    
Greene Leaf by leaf the roses fall 1864  
Greene Cuffee's war song 1863  
Greene Away goes Cuffee; Hooray for '63 1863  
Greene Welcome home; Companion to Do they miss me at home 1853  
Greene How are you exempt? 1863  
Greene Tony Pastor's medley The cottage by the sea 1854  
Greene Some things love me 1853  
Greene Take this letter to my mother 1873  
Greene & Walker Fred Wilson's clog dances 1860  
Greene & Walker Si la stanchezza m'opprime; Here let me rest now; Il Travatore; Si la stanchezza 1854  
Griffes, Charles Tomlinson In a myrtle shade; Poems; Op. 9, no. 1 1918  
Griffiths, H. Craven Young folks from home; Companion to Old folks at home 1852  
Grobe, Charles Yes! the die is cast; Pestal chant favori varie pour lepiano; Op. 219 1851  
Grobe, Charles Shells of ocean; Op. 584; shells of ocean var.    
Grobe, Charles Solitude sweetened; Lady mine! lady mine!; Op. 419 1854  
Grobe, Charles The Battle of Roanoke Island; Op. 1395 1862  
Grobe, Charles Maryland, my Maryland! with brilliant variations; Op.1450 1863  
Grobe, Charles La donna e mobile; Over the summer sea from Rigoletto; Variations for piano; Op. 613 1851  
Grossman, Bernie When Uncle Joe steps into France 1918  
Grossmith, Edward Somebody else has won my hand but my heart belongs to you 1916  
Grossmith, Edward Hula Lou 1916  
Guenther, William Guenthers' Lung healer march; Lung healer march 1882  
Guerin, Francois The Marseillaise; La Marseillaise; French national hymn 1901  
Guglielmo La camelia; The camelia 1857  
Guion, David Wendell De Ol' ark's a-moverin' 1918  
Gumbert, Friedrich Sad is my heart with care; Wie mir's im Herzen schwer; Op. 52    
Gumble, Albert Southern gals 1917  
Gumble, Albert Winter 1910  
Gung'l, Josef Dream of the ocean; Dream on the ocean; Traum auf dem Ocean 1861  
Gung'l, Josef Never surrender quick step 1863  
Gurney, Frank J. Dance of the night hawks; Fantasia de wee sma' hours 1897  
Gurrey Voi che sapete; Marriage of Figaro    
Gus Williams Vaiter! Vaiter! hot potato; Waiter, waiter, hot potato 1880  
Gustave Satter Trois mazurkas 1870  
Gustin, L. V. Soldiers of fortune march two-step 1901  
Guy E. Turpin Pray for the lights to go out; Negro shouting song; New "Ballin' the Jack" song 1916  
Guy, Thos. J. (Thomas J.) Zeta psi polka    
H. C. L. Dreams    
H. Wehrmann Kellogg valse    
H. Whatley The American flag 1861  
H. Whitestone Galt House polka 1869  
H.B. Eddy Twilight 1906  
H.B. Eddy My faithful Rose 1906  
H.G. Chilberg Sing me a "come-all-ye" like my daddy sang to me; The follies of 1908 1908  
H.R.S. O maiden sweet and holy; Du bist wie eine Blume 1908  
H.Y. Latonia rag; March and two-step 1903  
Hall (photographer) Smoky mokes; cakewalk and two-step 1899  
Hall, Foley Ever of thee    
Hall, H. M. Coat of faded gray 1866  
Hall, John T. Looney coons; Cake walk & two step 1900  
Halls, J. C. Fuss and feathers; A genuine rag 1919  
Hamel, Kittie M. White seal rag 1907  
Hamlin, Hugo I'm going back to Chattanooga Tennessee 1913  
Hammerstein, Arthur In the old fashioned way; Somebody's sweetheart 1918  
Hanby, Benjamin Russel Darling Nelly Gray    
Hancel, Max Since your eyes looked into mine 1906  
Handel, George Frideric Angels ever bright and fair; Theodora 1863  
Handy, W. C. (William Christopher) The yellow dog rag; He's gone where the Southern crosses the Yellow Dog 1914  
Handy, W. C. (William Christopher) Beale Street blues 1917  
Hanley, James F. (James Frederick) Three wonderful letters from home 1918  
Hardy, A. S. Wild gazelle lancers 1882  
Hardy, Will Dusky troopers march & cake walk 1900  
Harmoneons Lone starry hours; Serenade 1850  
Harrell Mississippi rag two-step 1897  
Harrell, William B. Up with the flag 1863  
Harris, Chas. K. (Charles Kassell) Somewhere 1906  
Harris, Chas. K. (Charles Kassell) After the ball 1892  
Harris, Fred D. Scotch lassie Jean; Tourists in a Pullman car 1873  
Harris, Sydney P. Ruben's dream 1906  
Harry Earl Zacatecas march 1904  
Harry Farl Anitra's dance; Peer Gynt Suite    
Harry H. Richard Teasing; I was only, only teasing you 1904  
Harry Harris Waltz me 'till I'm weary, dearie 1910  
Harry Le Van The girl I used to know 1914  
Harry Pepper Dreaming; Orpheus and Eurydice    
Hartwell, William H. Confederates grand march 1861  
Hartwell, William H. Confederates grand march 1861  
Harvey, P. T. Piedmont march; Gate city guard quick step 1887  
Hasen Old man jazz; An eccentric fox trot song 1920  
Haskell, D. H. Prize banner quick step 1858  
Hastings, Handel Little dusky star; Creole cradle song 1904  
Hattersley, Charles M. The Yankee message; Uncle Sam to Spain 1898  
Hauser Mount Vernon polka    
Havez, Jean Never bank on a travelling man 1904  
Hawley, C. B. (Charles Beach) Greeting 1898  
Hawley, C. B. (Charles Beach) Calm on the listening ear of night; Christmas song 1905  
Haworth, D. Line of rags; March or two step 1903  
Hayden, Ed. Oh! light your lamps; End song 1881  
Hayden, Joe When the black folks turn white 1898  
Hayden, W. L. (Winslow L.) Departed days 1867  
Hayes, F. Clifton Huskin bee; Maud Muller 1903  
Hayes, F. Clifton Heart's message 1907  
Haynes, Edward We shall miss you dearest brother 1864  
Hays, Will. S. (William Shakespeare) I'm agwine down south 1874  
Hays, Will. S. (William Shakespeare) The moon is out to night, love 1867  
Hays, Will. S. (William Shakespeare) Oh! Give me a home in the South 1872  
Hays, Will. S. (William Shakespeare) Mistress Jinks of Madison Square; Misstress Jinks, wife of Capt. Jinks 1868  
Hays, Will. S. (William Shakespeare) Minnie May 1887  
Hays, Will. S. (William Shakespeare) Little old log cabin in the lane 1913  
Hays, Will. S. (William Shakespeare) Nora O'Neal 1866  
Hays, William Shakespeare Evangeline 1865  
Hearst San Francisco Relief Fund The stricken city 1906  
Hein, Silvio Eyes have a language of their own; Betty 1916  
Heineman, E. Gen. Beauregard's grand march    
Heinrich, Dick Jazzin' the blues away 1918  
Heinzman, Otto Down where the silv'ry mohawk flows 1905  
Heiser, L. W. Dreaming 1906  
Helene Mora Down where the cotton blossoms grow 1901  
Helf, J. Fred The waltz must change to a march, Marie 1905  
Heller, Stephen Tarantelle; Op. 58, no. 2    
Helmsmuller, F. B. Lancers quadrilles 1857  
Helmsmuller, F. B. Hurrah Sturm Galop 1859  
Helmsmuller, F. B. Trab-trab galop 1860  
Helmsmuller, F. B. Medianoche galop 1860  
Helmsmuller, F. B. Trab-trab galop; Trab trab galop; Op. 927 1862  
Helmsmuller, F. B. Poliuto galop; Martiri 1859  
Henderson, A. L. Her last refrain 1902  
Henri Wehrmann Silliman Institute grand waltz; op. 17 1895  
Henri Wehrmann Renouveau valse 1882  
Henri Wehrmann Moonlight waltz 1888  
Henry C. Jones, Director General Va. Exposition Virginia Exposition march 1888  
Henry Clive I'm the guy who guards the harem and my heart's in my work; Ziegfeld Follies of 1919 1919  
Henry S. Brown Creole lover's song 1877  
Henry Squires Good night! beloved; Serenade    
Henry, S. Cling to the rock 1862  
Henry, S. R. Down in the old cherry orchard; Rural ballad 1907  
Henry, S. R. Queen of the south sea isles 1915  
Henshaw, Alice Francelia June 'Liza 1897  
Hensler, William L. Polka La favorita; La favorita 1863  
Hensler, William L. Pensiviana; Valse sentimentale 1862  
Herbert, Victor So they say; Viceroy 1900  
Herbert, Victor Gypsy love song; Slumber on, my little gypsy sweetheart; The fortune teller 1898  
Herbert, Victor Because you're you; The red mill 1906  
Herbert, Victor Valse a la mode 1915  
Herbert, Victor I can't do the sum; Babes in toy land 1903  
Heroes of the battle at Pittsburgh landing Shiloh victory polka; Victory polka    
Heroes of the ill-fated Titanic The band played Nearer my God to thee as the ship went down 1912  
Herscher, Louis Where do they get those beautiful dolls? 1919  
Herz, Henri There is no home like my own    
Herz, Henri La Californienne; Grande polka brillante; Op. 167    
Herz, William Dixie polka 1861  
Herzer, Wallie Tickle the ivories 1913  
Hewitt, George Washington America shall aye be free!; Opus 55 1859  
Hewitt, George Washington Song to our flag; Hail that great and glorious banner 1861  
Hewitt, H. D. (Horatio Dawes) Not married yet 1863  
Hewitt, John Hill Rock me to sleep, Mother    
Hewitt, John Hill Stonewall quickstep 1863  
Hewitt, John Hill Dixie, the land of King Cotton 1863  
Hewitt, John Hill Rock me to sleep, Mother 1862  
Hewitt, John Hill Rock me to sleep, Mother 1863  
Hewitt, John Hill Rock me to sleep, Mother    
Hewitt, John Hill I knew thou would'st return 1852  
Hewitt, John Hill I will meet thee 1863  
Hewitt, John Hill Dreaming of thee 1865  
Higgins, H. M. (Hiram M.) The old musician and his harp 1866  
Hime, E. L. something to love me    
Hinton, T. H. Old folks ballad 1867  
Hirsch, Louis A. (Louis Achille) Garden of my dreams; Ziegfeld follies 1918 1918  
Hobbs, W. L. I wish I was in Dixie's land; Dixie's land 1860  
Hodges, Jim S. U.S.A. for mine 1908  
Hodik Jack Frost galop 1859  
Hoffman, Edward Grand fantasia on the popular theme The mocking bird; Grand paraphrase de concert; Auld lang syne; Listen to the mockingbird 1864  
Hoffmann, Max Walk, walk, walk; A night of the fourth 1901  
Hoffmann, Max Dusky Sandy from Sandusky, Ohio 1911  
Hofstetter Bros. Sonatinas, op. 36, no. 3, C major 1884  
Hogan, Ernest I just can't keep my eyes off you; The oyster man 1907  
Holbrook, J. P. Just as I am 1878  
Holland, Albert Cherry Alley; Madison Avenue 1852  
Holst, Eduard June-bugs dance; Tanz der Maikafer; Danse d'un Hanneton 1888  
Holzmann, Abe Blaze away march and two-step 1901  
Homer, Charles Rocked in the cradle of the deep; Rock'd in the cradle of the deep    
Hon. Stephen A. Douglas Douglas Schottisch 1860  
Hoomes, B. Clifford Molly Maloney 1909  
Horn, Eph. Never push a man going down hill; Never push a man going down the hill 1870  
Horton, Aida We want our Daddy dear, back home; Baby ballad; Hello Central, give me France 1918  
Hosfeld, S. Potatoes, cheese and cabbage 1872  
Hounslow Under de mango tree!; West Indian song & chorus 1872  
Hounslow La Gitana waltzes    
Hounslow O! My maid is fairer still; Hungarian air 1872  
Howard & Howard Iola 1906  
Howard, Richard Dreams just dreams 1919  
Howard, Richard It's only the end of a romance to you; But to me its the end of the world 1918  
Howard, Rollin Let me be?; Eccentric song and dance; Shoo fly, don't bother me (companion to) 1870  
Howard, Rowland You never miss the water till the well runs dry; Waste not, want not    
Howard, W. E. Hurrah for the USA 1915  
Hoyt Keep a' knockin'; Trip to Chinatown 1895  
Hoyt & Thomas Songs from Hoyt's a Trip to Chinatown; Bowery; Chaperone; Widow; Reuben and Cynthia 1892  
Hughie Thompson I want to be in Dixie 1912  
Hull & Bro. Gen. Burnside's quick step; Burnside quickstep 1863  
Hullah, John Three fishers went sailing 1879  
Hunckel & Son Exhibition-quickstep 1858  
Hunten, Franz Les bords du Rhin; Grande valse brillante; Op. 120 1860  
Hunter, Charles Tickled to death; Why we smile; Ragtime march and two step 1899  
Hunter, Charles Possum and taters: Ragtime feast 1900  
Hupfer, W. My heart's delight polka 1859  
Huston, Frank C. Little sunshine 1919  
Hutchinson Family Camp meeting songs of the Florida freedman; Don't staya way; Wait a little while; Pharaoh's army 1870  
Hutchinson Family (Singers) Wouldn't you like to know! 1862  
Hutchinson Family (Singers) Uncle Sam's farm 1850  
Hutchinson Family (Singers) Slavery is a hard foe to battle 1855  
Hutchinson Family, Tribe of Asa Tenting on the old camp ground 1864  
I. B. D. When it's cherry blossom time in Georgia 1913  
I. Hermann Return of spring; Retour du printemps 1862  
I. Hermann (electrotyper) Do they think of me at home    
I.I. Worrell Sparkling polka 1850  
Ide, E. Louis Sword of Robert Lee 1867  
Ilsley, E. Clarke Yes we think of thee at home; Answer to Do they think of me at home 1864  
Ilsley, E. Clarke I am dreaming still of thee    
Ilsley, E. Clarke Kiss me before I die Mother    
Ilsley, E. Clarke How can I leave thee    
Independent Order of Sons of Malta It is recorded 1860  
Independent soul that never courts a smile or bends beneath a frown Flag of the sunny South    
Ingraham, Herbert In my little Hottentot hut for two; In Africa 1909  
Ingraham, Roy You for me in the summertime 1915  
Inscribed to absent friends We miss thee at home 1853  
Irene Bordoni of Melville Ellis & Irene Bordoni On the South Sea isle; Beautiful Hawaiian song 1916  
Iroquis Club, Chicago Bryan's Democratic success march 1896  
Irving, Mand One fond heart 1860  
Isaacs, P. B. Brother's fainting at the door 1863  
Isabel Stone When the leaves begin to turn : a waltz song 1878  
Isenman, Emil. Dear Baltimore in Maryland 1894  
J. Bufford The unfortunate man 1852  
J. C. J. Flow gently, sweet Afton 1880  
J. C_N We are coming from the cotton fields 1864  
J. Frank Giles Shew fly!; Shoo fly!; op. 14; Shew fly! don't bother me 1869  
J. H. Till the sands of the desert grow cold 1913  
J. K. Yellow rose of Texas    
J. Lion Protection Rifles' quick step 1861  
J. Lowe Edinburgh; Quadrille upon Scotch airs    
J. Oakley Nodyne Coming home; The cruel war is over 1865  
J. Queen Star spangled banner 1861  
J. R. Mabel; Ah! Mabel del mio cor; Mabel waltz 1867  
J. Rodgers Asleep in the deep 1897  
J. Scharr Bingen on the Rhine 1865  
J. Slinglandt Good as wheat 1873  
J. Slinglandt Marian Gray 1863  
J. Slinglandt The drummer boy of Shiloh 1863  
J. Slinglandt Requiem; In memory of the confederate dead 1866  
J. Slinglandt We may never meet again 1863  
J. Slinglandt Coup d'amour polka 1852  
J. Slinglandt Poor oppressed 1862  
J. Slinglandt The flag of the South; A voice from the old Academy 1861  
J. Slinglandt Bright Southern star 1866  
J. Slinglandt O, do not blame my sadd'ning heart 1862  
J. T. My father sould charcoal 1868  
J.A. Herman Mother would comfort me 1863  
J.C. Pearson Souvenir de Trovatore de Verdi 1856  
J.E. Rosenthal An honest true American is good enough for me 1895  
J.E. Rosenthal A warmin' up in Dixie; Cake walk, march and two step 1899  
J.E. Rosenthal Mammy's little yaller gal; Ethiopian lullaby with refrain 1897  
J.F. Schulz Take back the heart    
J.F. Weeks Oh! Whisper what thou feelest; O Whisper what thou feelest 1864  
J.F. Weeks O give me a home by the sea    
J.F. Weeks Soldier's farewell; The South shall yet be free; Partant pour la syne 1863  
J.F. Weeks Wake lady, wake 1864  
J.F. Weeks Leonore polka    
J.F. Weeks Battle-cry of freedom 1864  
J.F. Weeks The young volunteer 1863  
J.F. Weeks I've brought thee an ivy leaf    
J.F. Weeks Strike for the South; Patriotic song 1863  
J.F. Weeks Take me home 1864  
J.F. Weeks Would I were with thee    
J.F. Weeks Minnie Lee 1864  
J.F. Weeks Juanita; A Spanish ballad    
J.F. Weeks Rochester schottisch    
J.F. Weeks Why do I weep for thee?    
J.F. Weeks Not for gold or precious stones    
J.G. Lumbard Song of a thousand years 1863  
J.H. Bufford Sally come up 1863  
J.H. Bufford Battle of Port Royal; Bombardment of Forts Walker & Beauregard; Op. 385 1861  
J.H. Bufford Gen. Lee's quick march; Robert E. Lee quick march 1870  
J.H. Bufford Come birdie come 1870  
J.H. Bufford Gathering shells from the sea shore 1875  
J.H. Bufford Harp at midnight; Nocturne 1866  
J.H. Bufford Polly Perkins of Pemberton Green    
J.H. Bufford Kiss me and I'll go to sleep; Forgive me rather dear, forgive me; Companion song to the popular Put me in my little bed 1870  
J.H. Bufford Gen. Hancock's grand march 1880  
J.H. Bufford O'er graves of the loved ones; Plant beautiful flowers 1868  
J.H. Bufford Music of the Union; Medley on American national airs; Op. 1348; Star spangled banner; Red, white and blue; Hail Columbia; Washington's march; Yankee Doodle 1861  
J.H. Bufford Funeral march performed at the obsequies of the Hon. Daniel Webster; Funeral march in honor of Daniel Webster 1861  
J.H. Bufford Come birdie come 1870  
J.H. Bufford Down South whar de sugar cane grows 1877  
J.H. Bufford's The absent one 1872  
J.H. Bufford's Sons I'll await my love 1883  
J.H. Bufford's Sons Arrow and the song    
J.J. Lemon Moonlight music; Souvenir de Weber 1862  
J.J.L. Black key mazurka 1864  
J.J.L. Coral caves 1867  
J.M. Armstrong See that my grave's kept green 1876  
J.M. Armstrong The boys in blue will see it through; Campaign song and Chorus 1876  
J.M. Armstrong The national anthem; Are they not all ministering spirits 1879  
J.M. Armstrong Company General Harrison's inaugural quickstep 1889  
J.R. When the evening twilight bids the day good-bye 1906  
J.S. [i.e., J. Slinglandt] Why can we not be brothers; We know that we were rebels 1865  
J.S. Pearson The banjo; Grotesque fantasie 1855  
J.S. Quirk Cut Co. Huckleberry Finn cake walk; Two-step 1900  
J.T. Paterson When the boys come home    
J.T. Paterson Cottage by the sea 1864  
J.T. Paterson Listen to the mocking bird 1864  
J.T. Paterson I would like to change my name; A favorite encore song; Op. 538 1863  
J.T. Paterson Missouri or A voice from the South 1864  
J.T. Paterson Brave boys are they 1864  
J.T. Paterson I dream of thee; By the camp-fire's lonely watch 1864  
J.T. Paterson Take me home 1864  
J.T. Paterson & Co. Stonewall Jackson's grand march 1864  
J.T. Paterson & Co. Mother would comfort me!    
J.T. Paterson & Co. Rest darling rest!; Lullaby 1864  
J.T. Paterson & Co. The volunteer; It is my country's call 1861  
J.T. Paterson & Co. God save the South!; Pro aris et focis 1864  
J.T. Patterson & Co. Bird of beauty 1864  
J.T. Peterson Faded flowers    
J.W. Bufford Sea Serpent Polka    
Jackson, George Edward General Grant's funeral march 1885  
Jackson, Henry R. (Henry Rootes) My wife and child 1863  
Jackson, Tony Miss Samantha Johnson's wedding day 1916  
Jackson, Tony Pretty baby; Passing show of 1916 1916  
Jacob, John Gen. Ben. McCulloch's grand march 1861  
Jacobi, Victor On Miami shore waltz; Golden sands of Miami 1919  
Jacobs-Bond, Carrie Movin' in de bes' soci'ty; Honey by an' by 1903  
Jacobs-Bond, Carrie Is yo? Yo' is 1905  
Jacobs-Bond, Carrie Doan' yo' lis'n 1908  
Jacobs-Bond, Carrie Is yo? Yo' is 1905  
Jacobs-Bond, Carrie His lullaby; Longing 1907  
Jakobowski, Edward Lullaby song; Erminie    
James Burke Keep in de middle ob de road 1878  
James F. Weeks Variations brilliantes sur le theme favori Shells of ocean    
James F. Weeks Smith's march; Gen. Persifor F. Smith's march    
James F. Weeks We conquer or die 1861  
James F. Weeks The maiden's prayer    
James F. Weeks I see her still in my dreams    
James F. Weeks Rock me to sleep, Mother    
James F. Weeks Scenes that are brightest; Maritana    
James F. Weeks Call me not back from the echoless shore; Reply to Rock me to sleep, Mother    
James F. Weeks Brightest eyes    
James F. Weeks Annie of the vale    
James F. Weeks Ah I have sigh'd to rest me    
James S. Stevenson Zinnia waltz; When other friends are round thee 1855  
James T. Powers Everybody wants to see the baby; Jewel of Asia 1903  
James White If you've only got the "gall" 1894  
Jas. A. Washington The old Carolina State 1860  
Jas. F. Hey Nancy Lee    
Jas. F. Weeks The song of Blanche Alpen    
Jas. F. Weeks The mother of the soldier boy 1864  
Jas. F. Weeks Somebody's darling 1864  
Jeckel Sleepy lan'; Lullaby 1915  
Jeffery, Charles Anvil Chorus; Trovatore    
Jenkins Where the Suwanee River winds its silv'ry way 1905  
Jenkins Good-bye, I'll see you some more 1905  
Jenkins Nobody knows where John Brown went 1909  
Jenkins Little black boy; Chansons vivante 1908  
Jenkins Memories of the south 1908  
Jenkins Ev'ry little bit helps 1904  
Jenny Lind Annie Laurie; Scotch ballad    
Jentes, Harry I don't want to get well 1917  
Jere Mahoney In the baggage-coach ahead 1896  
Jerome, Benjamin M. Now am de time; Louisiana Lou 1911  
Jerome, M. K. Old pal, why don't you answer me? 1920  
Jessie Mae Hall They all spoke well of you; Echo of the old songs 1903  
Jno. A. Scholten (photographer) Those charming feet; Song and dance 1870  
Jno. Wanamaker Where are the old folks 1882  
Jocelyn The serious family polka 1850  
Joe Buckley I'se Uncle Pompey still 1880  
Johanna Lins Hour of prayer; Reverie; Stunde des Gebet's 1905  
John Cort Ida, sweet as apple cider; Roly boly eyes 1903  
John H. Ruckel Lord for ever at thy side; Selection of Psalms 105 1865  
John H. Thornley Heavenly land alone to me is home sweet home; Dearest spot on earth to me is home 1857  
John Phillip Sousa Yale society two-step 1894  
John W. Bolton, Bandmaster The Seventy Fourth Regiment Band march; Op. 202 1906  
Johnson, Carroll My little Irish queen; Fairies' well 1889  
Johnson, Charles L. Silver star 1911  
Johnson, Charles L. Ma pickaninny babe 1913  
Johnson, Chas. L. (Charles Leslie) A new rag, Dill pickles; Dill pickles two step 1906  
Johnson, Finley Maryland! my Maryland! 1862  
Johnson, Finley Dear mother call me home 1863  
Johnson, Howard E. Homeward bound 1917  
Johnson, J. C. (James C.) Is that Mother bending o'er me? 1863  
Johnson, J. K. I'm left alone to weep 1877  
Johnson, J. Rosamond (John Rosamond) I'll keep a wam spot in my heart for you; Abyssinia 1906  
Johnson, J. Rosamond (John Rosamond) Sugar babe; The shoo-fly regiment 1907  
Johnson, Philander Somewhere in France is the lily 1917  
Jones, Bobby Everybody loves a chicken 1912  
Jones, Delia W. Old cotton is king! 1862  
Jones, Irving I'se sorry dat I left ma happy home; Mamzelle 'Aukins 1900  
Joplin, Scott Original rags 1899  
Jos. W. Stern Searchlight rag; Search-light rag 1907  
Joseph E. Chester Song of the regiment; No. 2; Op. 181 1855  
Joseph H. McCann of Louisville, Ky. Darling little blue-eyed Nell 1859  
Joseph L. Chester March from Moses in Egypt with brilliant variation & finale; Op. 1113 1859  
Joseph Poznanski March timpani 1880  
Josephine Sabel A hot time in the old town 1896  
Josie Antoinette Way down East among the shady maple trees 1900  
Joyce, Florence Buckingham Little boy blue 1897  
Judge, Jack It's a long, long way to Tipperary 1912  
Judson, J. G. Wont you be my sweetheart? 1893  
Julian Mitchell In a kingdom of own own; Royal vagabond 1919  
Jullien, Louis Antoine Katy-did polka; souvenirs of Castle Garden 1853  
Jullig, Franz Cradle song; Schlummere sanft, Liebling, Engel behutendich 1871  
K. R. (Konstantin Romanov), Grand Duke of Russia Easter hymn; Nash paskhal'nyi gimn 1905  
Kaai, Ernest K. Akahi; A kahi 1915  
Kahn, Gus Give a little credit to the Navy 1918  
Kalmar, Bert So long oolong; How long you gonna be gone 1920  
Kappa Sigma Fraternity Kappa sigma march 1895  
Kate Guion John de Bap-a-tist 1918  
Kaufman, Mel B. Me-ow one step 1918  
Keeling, R. J. N. I'd be a star    
Keeling, R. J. N. I'd be a star    
Keller, M. (Matthias) Married and not to me 1869  
Keller, M. (Matthias) Mother, oh! sing me to rest    
Kellette, John William Bubbling over 1919  
Kelp, Jos. Aura Lea 1864  
Kenbrovin, Jaan I'm forever blowing bubbles; Passing show of 1918 1919  
Kenbrovin, Jaan I'm forever blowing bubbles 1919  
Kendall, Edwin F. It was summer time in Dixieland 1904  
Kendis, James Billy; I always dream of Bill 1911  
Kendis, James Come out of the kitchen Mary Ann 1917  
Kendis, James I'm like a ship without a sail 1919  
Kennedy, Amanda Star of the sea; Reverie 1910  
Kennedy, Amanda Star of the sea; Reverie 1910  
Kennedy, Harry Cradle's empty, baby's gone 1880  
Kennedy, Morgan C. Violetta; I'm thinking of a flower 1862  
Kenney, Eugene R. Why not be the same to mother dear 1916  
Kerker, Gustave Little yaller boy 1898  
Kerker, Gustave The harmless little girl; The harmless little girl with the downcast eyes; Lady Slavey 1896  
Kern, Jerome Don't you want a paper, dearie?; Newspaper song 1906  
Kern, Jerome Not yet; Oh lady! lady!! 1918  
Kern, Jerome An old fashioned wife; Oh boy! 1917  
Kessler, Leopold Ave Maria; Intermezzo from Cavalleria rusticana 1893  
Kiefer, Joseph My rose of old Japan 1919  
Kiesling, S. G. Little on the rag-time; Cake walk; March and two-step 1900  
Kilgour, J. M. Harp of the South awake!; A Southern war song 1863  
King, A. Robert Broken blossoms 1919  
Kinkel, Charles Love's response; Polka sentimentale 1864  
Kinkel, Charles Wedding bells polka 1867  
Kinkel, Charles Perle de l'Amerique; Valse brilante 1866  
Kinkel, Charles Sweet memories of the past; Morceau de salon 1892  
Kinkel, Charles La prude march 1867  
Kinkel, Charles Lily of the valley mazurka 1868  
Kinloch, J. I defy thee to forget    
Kirke La Shelle Ten thousand cattle straying; Dead broke; Virginian 1904  
Kitter Beneath the starry flag 1900  
Kittie Montgomery Say "yes" honey, do 1905  
Klein, Lou Little good for nothing's good for something after all 1918  
Klickmann, F. Henri (Frank Henri) Sweet Hawaiian moonlight; Tell her of my love 1918  
Knapp, Joseph F. Open the gates of the temple 1903  
Kneass, Nelson The millers song    
Kneass, Nelson Ben Bolt    
Knight, J. S. La Grande Duchesse lancers quadrille 1868  
Knight, Joseph Philip Rocked in the cradle of the deep; Rock'd in the cradle of the deep 1853  
Knox, Paul Sam Johnson's band; Characteristic two step march 1901  
Knox, Paul J. Ma daffodil 1900  
Koninsky, Sadie A wigwam courtship; Intermezzo 1903  
Kortlander, Max Drop me down in Dixie; Drop me down in Dixieland 1918  
Kortlander, Max Tell me 1919  
Kotzwara, Franz Celebrated Battle of Prague    
Krug, D. Anvil Chorus; Trovatore 1861  
Krug, D. Anvil Chorus; Trovatore 1861  
Krummacher, Hans Union march 1860  
Krummacher, Hans Bird of beauty polka 1858  
Kucken, Friedrich Wilhelm My heart, pray canst thou answer; Mein Herz, ich will dich fragen; Ingomar; Der Sohn der Wildniss    
Kucken, Friedrich Wilhelm Good-night, farewell; Good night, farewell 1851  
Kucken, Friedrich Wilhelm We met by chance    
Kucken, Friedrich Wilhelm Ave Maria    
Kummer, Clare Beecher My very own; Noah's ark 1906  
Kunkel's Nightingale Opera Troupe Aunt Harriet Becha Stowe; Aunt Harriet Beechee Stowe 1853  
Kussner, L. Woodland home; Mazurka 1874  
L. Gery La clochette du patre; Nocturne. The shepherd's little bell; Op. 102    
L. Gery Washington Artillery polka 1860  
L. Heath The Green Mountain yankee; Temperance medley 1852  
L. Johnson (electrotyper) Mocking bird march 1866  
L. Johnson, Electrotyper He's gone to the arms of Abraham; Comic war ballad 1863  
L. P. Engagement polka 1855  
L. Prang The Battle of Fort Donelson, a musical description; Op. 1396 1862  
L.A. Brummer Hindustan 1918  
L.A.S. Punch and Judy intermezzo two-step 1907  
L.A.W. Scorcher march and two-step 1897  
L.P.N. On Lake Champlain 1916  
L.S. Fisher Way down south; Characteristic march, cake-walk and two-step 1899  
L.S. Fisher Dusky Dinah: Cake-walk and patrol 1899  
La Hache, Theod. von (Theodor) I am dying, Egypt, dying; op. 632 1865  
La Hache, Theod. von (Theodor) Carrie Bell 1861  
La Hache, Theod. von (Theodor) Improvisation on the favorite air My Maryland; Op. 546 d 1862  
La Hache, Theod. von (Theodor) Rosey Thorn reverie 1862  
La Hache, Theod. von (Theodor) Near the banks of that lone river    
La Hache, Theod. von (Theodor) Confederates' polka march 1864  
La Hache, Theodore von The white man's banner; Seymour and Blair's campaign song 1868  
La Petite Adelaide Loquatias Moll; Characteristic cake walk 1900  
La Rue, Al. It makes me think of home sweet home 1904  
Ladies of Jackson, Miss. Rivinac's Medley quickstep 1864  
Ladies of Savannah, Georgia Soldier's grave    
Ladies of the confederacy Confederate Schottisch 1861  
Ladies of the South who are decorating the graves of the Confederate Dead Kneel where our loves are sleeping 1867  
Ladies of the United States Wild ashe deer; Op. 851 1857  
Ladies of the Washington Female Seminary Silvery waves 1863  
Lady of Baltimore Maryland! my Maryland! a patriotic song 1862  
Lady of Baltimore Maryland! my Maryland! a patriotic song 1862  
Lady of Baltimore Maryland! my Maryland! a patriotic song 1862  
Lady of Baltimore Maryland! my Maryland! a patriotic song 1862  
Lake, J. W. I wandered by the sea-beat shore; Shells of the ocean    
Lakeman, J. Ed. Mazie; Plantation song and chorus 1895  
Lamb, Marie Elizabeth Awake United States 1898  
Lambert, Herbert S. I wonder how the old folks are at home 1909  
Lambert, Louis (pseud.) When Johnny comes marching home; Soldier's Return March 1863  
Lampe, J. B. (Jens Bodewalt) Happy Heine 1905  
Lampe, J. B. (Jens Bodewalt) Creole belles 1900  
Lander, S. W. Tyrolese song 1861  
Landon, Agnes Slumb'ring on earth's cold pillow; Pura siccome un angelo; Traviata 1857  
Lang, G. O. Dreams of old Kentucky; March--two-step 1897  
Lang, G. O. In the shadow of the pines    
Lang, W. A. Won't you be my girl 1910  
Lange, Arthur When it's orange blossom time in loveland; I'll be waiting at the church for you 1915  
Lange, Arthur Beautiful chimes at sunset; Reverie; Op. 53 1914  
Lange, Gustav Flower song; Blumenlied 1907  
Lanner, Joseph Evening star waltz    
Lauder, Harry Wee deoch-an-doris 1911  
Lauder, Harry Roamin' in the gloamin' 1911  
Laura Waldron of the "Queen Sisters" Keep me awake, Mother 1863  
Lawson Cottage by the sea 1856  
Le Brunn, George Little Annie Rooney 1889  
Le Roc, Andrew College chums forever 1899  
Leavitt, M. B. The southern contraband 1865  
Lee, George Alexander Napolitaine; I am dreaming of thee    
Leeson Printemps d'amour mazurka; Caprice de concert 1860  
Leeson Tremolo on Harry Macarthy's popular air the Volunteer 1861  
Lefebure-Wely, Louis James Alfred Chimes of the monastery; Le cloches du monastere    
Lefebure-Wely, Louis James Alfred Monastery bells; Cloches du monastere; Nocturne; Op. 54    
Lefebure-Wely, Louis James Alfred Cloches du monastere; Monastery bell; Nocturne; Op. 54 1860  
Leffingwell, Elmore Don't forget the Salvation Army; My doughnut girl 1919  
Leger A la belle etoile; Under the stars; Valse Boston 1911  
Leighton Bros. Steamboat Bill 1910  
Leighton Bros. I want to see a minstrel show 1913  
Leightons Faraway in Honolulu; They've got the tango craze; Novelty Hawaiian song 1917  
Lemonier, Tom I wonder what makes it snow 1904  
Lemonier, Tom In my old home in Dixie land 1908  
Lenschow, C. (Charles) Beauregard's march 1861  
Lenschow, C. (Charles) Skating galop 1865  
Lenschow, C. (Charles) Seraphic march 1866  
Leonard, Eddie I want to go back to the land of cotton; Eddie Leonard's great cotton song 1908  
Leonard, Eddie Mosasses candy song 1910  
Leppen Just hanging round 1906  
Lertz, R. Crystal mazurka 1862  
Leslie, Edgar Oh! What a pal was Mary 1919  
Leslie, Edgar All the Quakers are shoulder shakers (Down in Quaker town) 1919  
Leslie, Edgar The Dixie volunteers; Ziegfelds' Follies 1917  
Leslie, Edgar All I get is consolation 1919  
Leslie, Edgar What-cha gonna do when there aint no jazz 1920  
Leslie, Ernest Rock me to sleep, Mother    
Letta Meredith My yaller Daisy; Mah yaller Daisy 1900  
Levenson, Robert Mississippi volunteers; Forward, march! 1917  
Levenson, Robert My Belgian rose 1918  
Lever, John W. Lady moon    
Levering, Charles H. Gen. Rosecrans' grand march; Gen. Rosecranz's grand march 1863  
Levi, Maurice Linda llok out de' windah'; In Harvard; Darkey serenade 1902  
Levi, Maurice Napoleon march 1895  
Levytype Way down east 1902  
Lew Dockstader Lady with the rag-time walk 1899  
Lew Dockstader Just because she had dat winnin' way 1905  
Lew Fields There's a girl in Havana; The Never homes 1911  
Lew Payton I am that "hen roost" inspector man 1909  
Lewis, Roger Jazzin' the cotton town blues; Novelty song 1917  
Lewis, Roger In the good old United States 1906  
Lewis, Sam M. Huckleberry Finn 1917  
Lewis, Sam M. The hoodlum 1919  
Lewis, Sam M. Yaddie, kaddie, kiddie, kaddie, koo 1916  
Lewis, Sam M. In San Domingo 1917  
Lewis, Sam M. I'd love to fall asleep and wake up in my mammy's arms 1920  
Lewis, Sam. M. Just a baby's prayer at twilight for her daddy over there 1918  
Lewis, Seneca G. Home coming week in France 1918  
Lewis, Theresa I love you darling in my dreams 1886  
Lichner, Heinrich On the meadow; Auf der Wiese; Op. 95, no. 2    
Lieut. Richard W. Greer of Co. B Washington Light Infantry The jacket of grey 1871  
Lillian Held Bright eyes good-bye 1905  
Lillie Leonora I'm hitting the trail to Normandy so kiss me good-bye 1917  
Lincoln, Harry J. I-X-L march two-step 1911  
Lincoln, Harry J. Homeland 1910  
Lincoln, Harry J. Sunset limited; March two-step 1910  
Lincoln, Harry J. My Southern home; A song of the South 1907  
Lincoln, Harry J. Vesuvius march two-step 1907  
Lincoln, Harry J. Garden of dreams; Reverie serenade 1919  
Lincoln, Harry J. My western rose 1910  
Lincoln, Harry J. The fire master march and two step 1904  
Lincoln, Harry J. A Southern dream waltzes 1915  
Lincoln, Harry J. Sunbeams and shadows waltzes 1911  
Lindsay, M. Home they brought her warrior dead    
Linley, George Ever of thee    
Linley, George Ever of thee    
Linsdale, T. S. Not before Pa, dear    
Little Florie Florie's waltz; Florie after the nap 1865  
Little, A. F. Morning prayer 1864  
Lloyd, Evans Somebody lied; Nothing personal; Bandanna land 1907  
Lohr, Hermann Little grey home in the west 1918  
Long, Thomas B. How can I bear to part from thee? 1865  
Long, Thomas B. I think of thee, dear Mandaline! 1863  
Long, William H. Tilden and reform 1876  
Longbrake, Arthur Honey I will long for you 1910  
Loos, E. My sugar-coated chocolate boy 1919  
Lopez, Vincent Polo; March and two-step 1906  
Lopke, C. A. Skippy schottisch as danced at Mr. Hlasko's Saloon 1850  
Losch, Abe Four aces 1907  
Losch, Abe King of hearts march and two step 1911  
Losey, F. H. (Frank Hoyt) Loyal knights march; Op. 204 1907  
Losey, F. H. (Frank Hoyt) Call of the wild march and two-step 1904  
Louis Moreau Gottschalk Monk's prayer; Priere d'un moine 1864  
Lowitz, John B. Oriole; Characteristique two-step 1908  
Lowry, George L. Florida rag; Characteristic 1905  
Lucantoni, Giovanni La danza d'amore; The dance of love 1864  
Lucas, I. W. Come back Massa, come back! 1863  
Ludke, F.PEs: Dan Bryant Shoo fly dont bodder me lancers 1869  
Lutz, Meyer Skirt dance; Pas de quatre; Faust up to date    
Lyric sparks Home sweet home; Clari    
M. Dittmar My old plantation home 1910  
M. G. J. Woman's rights 1853  
M.F.W. Liebe 1908  
M.H. Hanna Wedding of the winds 1904  
M.H. Traubel Carnival of Venice; Op. 22 1852  
M.K. Just for a dear little girl 1910  
Maas, James Sunlight of my soul; Musical duologue 1877  
Macarthy, Harry Josephina Gay 1869  
Macarthy, Harry Southern constellation; Bonnie blue flag 1863  
Macarthy, Harry Missouri or A voice from the South 1861  
Macarthy, Harry Missouri or A voice from the South 1861  
Macarthy, Harry Our flag and its origin; Southern national song 1862  
Macarthy, Harry Bonnie blue flag; A Southern patriotic song 1861  
Macarthy, Harry Missouri Bright land of the West 1863  
Macarthy, Harry Missouri or A voice from the South 1861  
Macarthy, Harry Origin of the Stars & bars; Our flag 1862  
Macbrair & Co. The girl with the gingham gown 1869  
MacDonald, Ballard Indiana; On the banks of the Wabash 1917  
MacDonald, Ballard On the Mississippi 1912  
MacDonald, Ballard War babies; Winter garden 1916  
MacDowell, Edward Thy beaming eyes; Op. 40 no. 3 1894  
MacHenry, Charles J. Staunton grand march 1891  
Mack, Andrew Legend of the Maguire; Way to Kenmare 1904  
Mack, E. President Johnson's grand march 1865  
Mack, Edward Marching thro' Georgia 1875  
Mack, Edward General Grant's grand march 1862  
Mack, Edward Kissing through the bars 1869  
Mack, Edward General Grant's grand march 1862  
Mack, Edward Dora gallop 1865  
Mack, Wilbur When I go automobiling 1907  
Mack, William Keller I'm a superstitious man 1906  
Mackellar, Smiths & Jordan What are you going to do, brother? 1867  
Mackellar, Smiths & Jordan Trovatore no. 1 1869  
Mackellar, Smiths & Jordan Mocking bird waltz 1866  
Mackellar, Smiths & Jordan When the quiet moon is beaming; Wenn so sanft und mild selene    
Mackellar, Smiths & Jordan Mocking bird nocturne 1866  
Madame G. Medori Sing, smile, slumber!; Canti, ridi dormi!; Serenade 1863  
Madame Georges Guynet Gabrielle; Etude d'expression 1853  
Madame La comtesse A. Ankwicz Thou art gone from my gaze; Op. 11 1852  
Madame la Comtesse de Tarnowska Trois Mazurkas fantastiques; Op. 12 1852  
Madame Ruhl I cannot forget thee; Ballad 1864  
Madame Sainton-Dolby When the pale moon arose last night 1866  
Madden, Edward Blue bell march song and chorus 1904  
Mademoiselle Addie V. Cooke Over the waveless sea; Santa Lucia; Op. 1339 1861  
Mademoiselle Mollie R. Sharpe The drummer boy of Shiloh with brilliant variations; Op.1512 1864  
Mademoiselle Parepa Nightingale's trill 1865  
Mademoiselle Parepa Five o'clock in the morning 1865  
Mademoiselle Parepa Why dost thou linger yet?; Perche non vieni ancora?; The guards' waltz 1865  
Madge O'Brien Monkey doodle dandy 1909  
Madlle Fannie A. Garner Grand march de concert; Op. 19; Grande marche de concert 1853  
Madlle. Rose Kennedy (de la Nouvelle Orleans) Grande polka de concert 1850  
Madlle. T. Parodi Star spangled banner 1854  
Madselle. Fannie Spencer Koh i noor; Mountain of light; Valse 1851  
Magruder, James I have something sweet to tell you, or, I'm talking in my sleep! 1850  
Magruder, James E. Berkeley Springs schottisch 1857  
Magruder, James E. Virginia Washington Monument 1858  
Magruder, James E. Annie Laurie schottisch 1857  
Magruder, James E. Footstep schottisch 1870  
Maguire, Sylvester Why did you make me care 1912  
Mahony Bells of Shandon; Irish song    
Maj. Genl. Richard H. Anderson of Stateburg, S.C. Soldier's greeting; March militaire 1863  
Major & Knapp Happy may you ever be 1866  
Major & Knapp Over the hill to the poor-house 1874  
Major & Knapp Faust lancers 1864  
Major & Knapp The ocean telegraph march 1858  
Major & Knapp For God and liberty 1864  
Manahan, Thomas Bear this gently to my mother 1864  
Manchester, Robert My old home and friends 1874  
Mann, Nat. D. I'se gwine to save yo' soul; Peace disturber in march tempo 1897  
Manning's Minstrels Little old log cabin in the lane 1871  
Manning's Minstrels Little old log cabin in the lane 1871  
Margaret S. Stewart Falling leaves; Autumn reverie 1860  
Margis, Alfred Valse bleue    
Marilynn Miller Look for the silver lining; Sally 1920  
Marine Band Flirtation waltz    
Marr, Alex Say a prayer for the boys "out there" 1917  
Martin, C. H. Old plantation songs were used to sing 1904  
Martin, Robert Killaloe; Miss Esmeralda 1889  
Martin, T. J. (Thomas J.) Genl. Persifor F. Smith's march; Smith's march    
Mary T. Hager That wonderful mother of mine 1918  
Maryland Guard Maryland Guard galop 1861  
Marzian, A. F. Evening chimes; Abendlauten; Reverie 1913  
Maschek, C. Say, was it heartfelt; Kam dir's vom Herzen? 1860  
Mason, Charles A. I've got the Blue Ridge blues 1918  
Mason, Lowell Nearer, my God, to thee    
Mason, William Ballade et barcarole; Op. 15 1864  
Master Charlie Hirsch of Whitesville, Ga. Evergreen waltz    
Master Crafts Studio Yaa dum see, yaa dum dee, it's just a pretty melody 1919  
Master J. Adams Mary Vale 1853  
Mather, Henry Boys the old flag never touched the ground 1909  
Mathews, Jason Indolence; Tone fancy; Intermezzo 1903  
Maude Raymond Ragtime engineer 1912  
Maurice, Walter The battle prayer    
May Irwin Never raise a razor 'less you want to raise a row; Mrs. Wilson--that's all 1906  
May Irwin He cert'ny was good to me; The swell Miss Fitzwell 1898  
May Irwin Live humble; Negro hymn; Country sport 1894  
May, John S. The urchin's sad appeal 1899  
May, T. G. Juanita; Spanish ballad 1855  
Mayer, Fr. C. Boys, keep your powder dry; Soldier's song 1863  
Maylath, Henry With steam 1874  
Mayo, Fred Oh what a wonderful summer 1919  
Maywood, Geo. (George) General Grant's funeral march 1885  
M'Carthy Honey moon polka 1852  
McCarthy, Odielein Phi-delta theta two step 1896  
McConnell, George B. In the sweet bye and bye 1919  
McCree, Junie Could you learn to love me; Ood-kay ooyay earn-lay oo-tayove-lay ee-may; The pigeon English love song 1909  
McEvily, J. I. Lost star of my home 1865  
McGrath, J. W. 'Way down in Tennessee 1896  
McKeon, Jos. H. I'm going back, back to Kentucky where I was born 1908  
McKinley, Mabel Anona; Intermezzo two step 1903  
McLaughlin, Morley Majestic polonaise 1892  
McLaughlin, Morley Oxford minuet 1890  
McManus, John L. Mr. Harding we're all for you 1920  
McPharlon & Palace Holy yumpin yiminy; How my Yonny can love 1918  
M'Curdy, William K. Dying Camille    
Meaney, Don A. That chiming rag 1912  
Meares, George D. Ode to our Confederate dead 1895  
Meininger, Balthaser The robin's lament 1874  
Meininger, Julius C. I love thee still 1866  
M'elle R. Genois Regina valse; Op. 29 1881  
Memory of our dead heroes Memorial flowers; Song or duet 1867  
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix It is enough; Elijah 1854  
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix O wert thou in the cauld blast; O sah' ich auf der Haide; Volkslied    
Mengis, Herr The Switzer's farewell    
Mera, C. C. No surrender 1864  
Merrill, Blanche Jazz baby 1919  
Merz, Karl Deliciosa, or Leonore polka 1856  
Mexican volunteers Cockade City quick-step 1854  
Meyer, Ferd. Funeral march to the memory of Cornelius Vanderbilt 1877  
Meyer, Geo. W. There'll be a hot time for the old men while the young men are away 1918  
Meyer, George W. Everything is peaches down in Georgia 1918  
Meyer, George W. Way down in Iowa I'm going to hide away 1916  
Meyer, George W. When you're a long, long way from home 1914  
Meyer, George W. If baby would never grow older a mother would never be sad 1920  
Meyer, George W. Anything is nice if it comes from Dixieland 1919  
Midgeley, Fannie I must have been a dreamin'; Browns in town 1900  
Mignonnette Club of New Orleans Mignonette Schottisch 1872  
Mililotti, Leop. Povero marinar; Heart-broken sailor boy; Pensiero melanconico 1881  
Millard, H. The whip-poor-will's echo song; The whip-poor-will's echo song 1865  
Millard, H. (Harrison) Under the daisies; Ballad 1865  
Millard, H. (Harrison) Whip-poor-will's song 1865  
Millard, H. (Harrison) When the tide comes in 1873  
Miller, Jos. S. Fishin' 1897  
Millet, E. (Emile) Ye fields of light 1869  
Mills, Joy For it is my land and your land 1918  
Mills, Kerry Happy days in Dixie 1896  
Mills, Kerry Impecunious Davis; Characteristic two-step march, polka & cake-walk 1899  
Mills, Kerry The kingdom of love 1914  
Mills, Kerry Red wing; Indian intermezzo; Indian fable 1907  
Mills, Kerry At a Georgia campmeeting 1897  
Mills, Kerry Whistling Rufus 1899  
Milner, When you and I were boys 1864  
Milt Wood, America's great wooden-shoe dancer Russian pony rag; A syncopated prance 1910  
Milton G. Barlow I would like to see ole massa's face again 1876  
Minieri, G. New Orlean's military polka 1861  
Minton, John C. Travesty march 1879  
Minute men of Georgia Secession quick step; The South, the whole South and nothing but the South; Noli me tangere!!; Op. 37    
Miss A.C. Walker Darling Nelly Gray 1856  
Miss Ada Brooks Floating down the stream 1867  
Miss Ada Webb Bright be thy dreams 1862  
Miss Adelaide Ackland of Rice's "Mr. Wix of Wickham" company Please don't take the baby from me 1904  
Miss Adelaide Kemble At length a brilliant ray; Semiramide    
Miss Alice Carter Minnie mine, come back to me 1866  
Miss Ann Eliza P. Shuster What is home without a Mother?    
Miss Ann Eliza P. Shuster What is home without a Mother?    
Miss Ann Eliza P. Shuster by J.C.F. Annie's dream waltz 1851  
Miss Anna Taylor Whisperings of love; Valse sentimentale 1868  
Miss Annie S. Tanner Water lily polka 1867  
Miss Arabelle Conrad Cuba plantation dance 1855  
Miss Audrey Wood Daisies won't tell; Companion piece to Sweet bunch of daisies 1908  
Miss B.R.N. O why must we part 1861  
Miss Bertha Obst Fatinitza galop; Sleigh ride aria 1879  
Miss Bertha Wagner of the Travesty Operatic Team Armin & Wagner Leonie; Queen of my heart 1896  
Miss Bessie Dearborn Bessie polka; Op. 18 1856  
Miss Cassie A. Bradenburgh, Philadelphia Love will find the way; Grand mogul 1888  
Miss Clara Eckstrom of the Yankee Consul Co. Meet me at the fountain 1904  
Miss Clara Louisa Kellogg Flower girl; Fioraja; Canzone 1870  
Miss Clara Louise Kellogg Farewell; We now must part forever 1863  
Miss Constance Cary Close up the ranks 1864  
Miss D. Fletcher Heart whispers; Intermezzo 1905  
Miss Della Fox I want yer, ma honey 1895  
Miss Eliza Poitevent I would like to change my name; A favorite encore song; Op. 538 1862  
Miss Eliza Poitevent I would like to change my name; A favorite encore song; Op. 538 1862  
Miss Ella V. Collins I've fallen in the battle 1864  
Miss Ella Wren See at your feet a suppliant one; Bohemian girl    
Miss Ella Wren The unknown dead 1863  
Miss Ellen Wingate Lauterbacher waltz 1865  
Miss Emilie Forney Spring flowers; Fruhlingsblumen; Fruhlings-Blumen; Op.10 1876  
Miss Emilie Shierenberg Circus galop 1869  
Miss Emma Baker of the Chicago Madrigal Club In the highlands; Scotch ballad 1878  
Miss Emma Douglass Did you think of me to day! 1864  
Miss Emma Rowcroft Il bacio; The kiss 1868  
Miss Emma Seligman, New York Sweet sixteen waltz 1880  
Miss F. Reed Beware! Take care 1865  
Miss Fanny A. Perry Night spirit polka 1852  
Miss Fanny Walbron, "Queen Sisters" You are going to the wars, Willie boy!: A ballad 1863  
Miss Florence Norvell Pearls of dew; Valse sentimentale 1864  
Miss G. Vorge Kiss waltz; Bacio; Kuss 1865  
Miss Gertrude Grant of the Lew Fields Co. My sweetheart little Nell 1906  
Miss Gertrude Hoffmann Sadie my creole lady 1902  
Miss Grace Garner Sand man; Plantation lullaby 1906  
Miss Hattie Walters Serenade des Auges; Angels' serenade 1863  
Miss Helen M. Wilson Who speaks first gallop 1864  
Miss Hettie Edwards Dearest spot of earth to me is home 1858  
Miss Irma I. Molkup Blue rose 1907  
Miss Jane Lee I'm looking for my mama 1919  
Miss Jennie Bevan Traviata 1863  
Miss Josephine Shearer Josephine polka 1852  
Miss Julia Norrie of New York Light footed galop 1860  
Miss Kate E. Garvey Moonlight quick step; Her bright smile haunts me still 1863  
Miss Kate Redding Last rose of summer 1867  
Miss Lizzie Wallace Fairy Schottisch 1856  
Miss Louisa Lewis L'Orleanaise; Polka de salon    
Miss Mabel Normand Mickey 1918  
Miss Margaret Lackland Answer 1865  
Miss Marie Louise Andrews Blue bird echo polka 1863  
Miss Martha J. Boyd Fashion Schottisch 1853  
Miss Mary Bruce Anderson Sylvan stream reverie 1874  
Miss Mary C. Rives I have something sweet to tell you 1851  
Miss Mary C. Zanone of Louisville The grave of a loved one 1866  
Miss Mary Jordan Deep river 1917  
Miss May Viola Michaelis Wildfire march 1887  
Miss Mollie Brooks Varsoviana 1863  
Miss Nannie Rogers Fairy footsteps; Mazurka elegante 1863  
Miss Nettie Robertson Soiree gallop 1868  
Miss Nora Bayes Khaki Sammy 1917  
Miss Rebecca Smith Storm schottisch 1865  
Miss Rose Duffy of Philadelphia Roset mazurka 1853  
Miss Rosie Kohler Crystal cascade; Op. 22 1871  
Miss Rosine M. Roubaud Snow white rose 1861  
Miss Sallie Ferry I cannot love another 1857  
Miss Sallie H. Tennent of Maysville, California Ever of thee    
Miss Sallie Partington in the Virginia cavalier at the Richmond New Theatre The Southern soldier boy; Air: The boy with the auburn hair 1863  
Miss Setta Liebman of Mobile Setta mazurka 1867  
Miss Sue V. McNairy of Nashville, Tennessee Genevieve's doves: Reverie 1862  
Miss Wina Zaza Rogers Caw-caw-caw 1905  
Miss Winnie Davis, the Daughter of the Confederacy The Winnie Davis waltz 1887  
Miss Zuba T. Dustin My dear old sunny home; Recollections of the sunny South 1871  
Misses Ellen & Kate Parker Orphan; Ballad 1855  
Misses Emma Blair, Annie Woodward When upon the field of glory; An answer to When this cruel war is over 1864  
Misses Eva I. and Lottie I. Clark Twins polka 1865  
Misses Maria W. Skelton, Kate S. Finney of Virginia Violetta; I'm thinking of a flower 1862  
Misses Rachael Barnett & Fanny Pollake Spectral bride 1872  
Misses s.E. & A. Llewellyn Then you'll remember me    
Misses Willianna H. Nicholas & Mary S. Caffee Wild ash deer 1853  
Mlle. Nilsson Comin' thro' the rye 1870  
Mlle. Parepa Maggies secret; Oh many a time I am sad at heart    
Mme. Anna Bishop 'Tis but a little faded flower 1860  
Mme. Anna E.H. Railey Les bagatelles; Introduction et valses 1851  
Mme. Clara M. Brinkerhoff L'Ardita; Magnetic waltz 1863  
Mme. Julia Culp Swing low, sweet chariot 1917  
Moelling, Theodore Retour du printemps or Return of spring; Polka brillante    
Mohr, Halsey K. Liberty bell (It's time to ring again) 1917  
Molloy, J. L. Kerry dance    
Molloy, J. L. Love's old sweet song    
Monaco, James V. You made me love you (I didn't want to do it); Al Jolson's terrific Winter Garden hit 1913  
Monaco, James V. While they were dancing around 1913  
Monaco, James V. You made me love you (I didn't want to do it) 1913  
Monaco, James V. Oh Mr. Dream Man; Please let me dream some more 1911  
Monaco, James V. I miss you most of all 1913  
Monaco, James V. In sweet September 1920  
Monaco, James V. I called you my sweetheart 1917  
Monsch & Co. Old Uncle Dan 1877  
Moore, Harry P. The bugle is the sweetest of them all 1908  
Moore, Thomas 'Tis the last rose of summer; Last rose of summer    
Moran, E. P. And they say he went to college 1907  
Mordaunt, Paul Wait 'till the war, love, is over; Popular song 1864  
Mordaunt, Paul Wait 'till the war, love, is over 1864  
More, Z. W. Flowers from foreign lands 1861  
Morgan Fair Hawaii 1913  
Morgan, Carey Sipping cider thru' a straw; Thipping thider thru' a thtraw 1919  
Morris & Wilson's Opera Troupe Lend a hand to one another 1866  
Morris, Melville Down around the river at the Dixie jubilee 1919  
Morrison My copper colored squaw 1909  
Morse, Theodore The Washington waddle 1911  
Morse, Theodore F. Uly-oo; Ulysses; Miss Print 1901  
Morse, Theodore F. In monkey land 1907  
Morse, Theodore F. Two blue eyes; Sequel to their famous Blue Bell 1907  
Morton, Agnes H. Wind at night; Words from Temple bar    
Mosby and his men You can never win us back; A patriotic song 1864  
Mosenthal, Joseph I will magnify thee, O God 1864  
Moss Photo Eng. Remus takes the cake; A Southern melody; Characteristic two step-march 1896  
Mother Down the trail to home sweet home 1920  
Mothers of our brave volunteers The soldier's mother 1862  
Mr. C. Henry Who will care for mother now? 1863  
Mr. Chas. E. Knorr Oh promise me; op. 50 1889  
Mr. Clarence T. Wendell Four leaf clover 1897  
Mr. Dan Bryant Limerick is beautiful; Colleen bawn; Lily of Killarney 1865  
Mr. E. L. Davenport Our country's starry flag 1861  
Mr. Edmund C. Boland Spuds; Novelty march and two step 1907  
Mr. Edward Hoffman Then you'll remember me fantasie 1867  
Mr. Francis Fischer Powers The birthday of a King; Christmas song 1918  
Mr. Fred McQuesten Lucinda Cinda Jane 1894  
Mr. Habelmann, of the German Opera Sleep well thou sweet angel; op. 213; Schlaf wohl, dususser Engel du 1863  
Mr. Harry Rascorar Lucinda's serenade; Negro absurdity 1896  
Mr. Harvey Deardorff Hiawatha; A summer idyl; Op. 6 1902  
Mr. J. H. Sayers of Thatcher, Primrose & West's Minstrels Hie away old Satan; Galop; Good bye Nancy Jane 1885  
Mr. J. Hanson Rose Plinky plunk; Chinese elopement 1906  
Mr. John Davis Mamie Waltz; Op. 27 1880  
Mr. Lederer Every little movement; Madame Sherry 1910  
Mr. M. H. Hodges There's a tramp, tramp, tramp, of Romish legions 1894  
Mr. M.W. Whitney Bedouin song 1872  
Mr. Sandak Riger Rifles schottisch 1861  
Mr. Sloman Freedom's muster-drum 1864  
Mr. Turner I would not die in spring time 1850  
Mr. U.C. Burnap Christ the Lord is risen today; Easter anthem 1894  
Mrs. Adele Laeis Baldwin Mighty lak' a rose 1901  
Mrs. Alexander Baring In Flander's fields the poppies grow 1920  
Mrs. Annie Mays Dow of Atlanta Love is a flower 1889  
Mrs. C. Henri Yes, I would the war were over; Answer to When this cruel war is over 1863  
Mrs. Carl Alves Ecstasy 1894  
Mrs. Catharine Weed Ward Holy child; A Christmas idyl 1896  
Mrs. Clara A. Whiteman La mascotte march; Mascot 1881  
Mrs. Col. Frank E. Howe Freedom on the old plantation 1866  
Mrs. Downes Elland Norton Mimi valse 1917  
Mrs. George La Monte Oh! Bring my brother back to me! 1864  
Mrs. H. A. Pond Twinkling stars are laughing, love 1855  
Mrs. Isaac M. Gaw, New York The lament of the Irish emigrant 1863  
Mrs. J. Peterkin God save the Southern land 1864  
Mrs. James Speyer Jean 1914  
Mrs. Joseph H. Nathan La mode; Tango time; New dance sensation 1913  
Mrs. Joseph Thompson, President of the board of women managers The Southern beauty waltz song 1895  
Mrs. Lizzie Carnes Tate Farmer's galop 1868  
Mrs. Marion Hendrickson Wilcox In bye-lo-land 1890  
Mrs. Mary E. Broughton of New York City Why don't they do so now? 1865  
Mrs. Mary E. Leeds Carrie Vaughn 1864  
Mrs. Robt. W. Hays Wandering refugee 1865  
Muller, Carl Somewhere in Georgia underneath thee sunny Southern skies 1917  
Muller, Ch. Fritz Hope's darling dream 1868  
Muller, Florian With heart & soul; With heart and soul 1873  
Muller, William F. My life is like the summer rose; op. 54, no. 1 1866  
Murphy, Jeannette Robinson Mammy, how I miss you 1909  
Murphy, Stanley I want you Georgia 1916  
Murphy, Stanley Oh! Mister railroad man won't you take me back to Alabam'? 1914  
Murphy, Stanley Mammy Jinny's hall of fame 1917  
Murray, James A. Down in dear old Tallahassee town; I should worry 1914  
My lady friends and customers Fur galop 1873  
My love Now that you love me 1864  
My wife Milkmaid at the spring 1862  
My wife Banjo song; Bandanna ballads; Op. 22, no. 4 1910  
My wife Nola, a silhouette for the piano 1916  
N.C. Juehne Before thy holy name, O Lord; Al nome tuo tenuta; From the enchanted forest opera; Al nome tuo temuto; Vor deinen hohen Namen; Zauberwald 1878  
N.O. Washington Artillery Band Parade polka march 1861  
N.O. Washington Artillery Band Parade polka march 1861  
Nannie Love's chidings 1862  
Nashville Engraving Co. Farmer Jere grand march 1890  
Nathalie The dying nun 1865  
Natwick Livery stable blues 1917  
Ned Wayburn Mandy; Ziegfeld Follies of 1919 1919  
Neidlinger, W. H. (William Harold) Sweet Miss Mary 1914  
Neidlinger, W. H. (William Harold) Peace 1919  
Neidlinger, W. H. (William Harold) Serenade 1889  
Neidlinger, W. H. (William Harold) Rockin' in de win'; Raccoon lullaby 1904  
Neidlinger, W. H. (William Harold) Boat song 1890  
Nellie Hawthorne My Afro-Mexican queen; Ma Afro-Mexican queen 1903  
Nelson, Ed. G. Welcome home 1918  
Nelson, Ed. G. When Yankee Doodle learns to "parlez vous francais" 1917  
Nelson, S. Music at nightfall    
Nenarb, Jeff T. She's the daughter of Mother Machree 1915  
New England Diadem The dying Californian; Brother's request 1855  
New Orleans Brass Bands Band polka; Military band polka 1861  
Newcomb, Bobby Oh I'm so fond of dancing 1867  
Newman, James H. Nelly was bright and happy 1861  
Newmann, Edmond Battery Wagner 1863  
Newton, Eddie Casey Jones, the brave engineer 1909  
Nichols, George A. My drowsky babe; An Ethiopian lullaby 1900  
Nilson, O. M. Heartsease waltz 1897  
no. 5 O luce di quest' anima; Cavatina alla polacca; Linda di Chamounix    
Nole, C. Dodworth's 5 step; Dodworth's Five step waltz 1877  
Nora Bayes Freckles 1919  
Nordendorf, C. Southern troopers; Southern trooper    
Nordendorf, C. Stonewall brigade 1863  
Nordendorf, C. C- de Linda Lee; N.Y. Clipper 1873  
Northern Army of Virginia Pickets charge march 1863  
Northrop, Theo. A. She's the real thing, my baby 1901  
Northrup, Theo. H. (Theodore H.) Louisiana rag two step; Description of Louisiana Niggers dancing (the pas ma la rag) 1897  
Norton, George A. Memphis blues 1913  
Norwid, X. H.M.S. Pinafore; Waltz 1879  
Nugent, Maude Sweet Rosie O'Grady; Waltz song and chorus 1896  
Oakes Wellenklange; Voice of the waves 1862  
Oakes Air du bariton; Marche Indienne; Africaine 1865  
Oberthur, Charles The nun's prayer    
O'Dea, James The girl you leave behind 1905  
Odoms, Clifford I'm looking for a girl to take my old girl's place 1912  
Oesten, Theodore Gondellied    
Offenbach, Jacques Sword of my father; Sabre de mon pere; Grande duchessede Gerolstein 1867  
Offenbach, Jacques Tell him; Dites lui qu'on la remarque; Dites lui; duchess of Gerolstein; 1867  
O'Hara, Geoffrey K-K-K-Katy 1918  
Olcott, Chauncey Mother Machree; Barry of Ballymore 1910  
Oliver Morosco Oh by jingo! oh by gee, you're the only girl for me; Oh by gee, by gosh, by gum, by juv; Linger longer Letty 1919  
Oliver Moroscos One, two, three, four; Bird of paradise 1917  
Olman, Abe Down among the sheltering palms 1915  
Olson, Elmer Gypsy Rose 1917  
Orange Guards of Hillsborough, N.C. by James W. Long March militaire 1858  
Orchestral Union Ypsilanti galop 1860  
Ordway, John P. (John Pond) Let me kiss him for his mother    
Ordway, John P. (John Pond) Let me kiss him for his mother    
Ordway, John P. (John Pond) Twinkling stars are laughing love    
Orleans cadets The volunteer; It is my country's call 1861  
Orleans cadets The volunteer!; It is my country's call 1861  
Osborne, Charles Bonny Jean    
Osborne, Charles Bonny Jean    
Osborne, Charles Bonny Jean    
Osborne, G. A. (George Alexander) La pluie de perles; Shower of pearles    
Osborne, Nat. If they ever put a tax on love 1918  
Osborne, Nat. When we meet in the sweet bye & bye 1916  
Osborne, Nat. Take me back to the garden of love 1911  
Oscar Seagle My little soul's gwine a shine; Darkey spirituals 1918  
Oscar Seagle Standin' in de need o' prayer; Negro spiritual 1918  
Osgood, George L. (George Laurie) My lady 1879  
Otis Spencer Moonbeams and dreams of you 1906  
Our dear soldiers on the battle field Dixie doodle 1862  
Our patrons Johnny Schmoker 1863  
P Giselle schottische quadrille; Gizelle schottische quadrille 1855  
P. Greuling Improvisation on the Bonnie flue flag; Op. 537 1862  
P.H. Brown Black hawk waltz 1869  
P.L. Valery Silver bells mazurka    
P.S. Duval Five belles polka 1863  
P.S. Duval President Pierce's march and quick step 1853  
P.S. Duval Three bells polka 1863  
P.S. Duval The bloomer's complaint; A very pathetic song 1851  
P.S. Gilmore's famous band Laugh! oh, coons!; Schottische 1892  
Packard, C. R. Ho, boys! de time am come 1865  
Packard, William A. I.W. Baird's musical album; Let me dream while life shall linger; Send for mother, birdie's dying 1878  
Page, L. F. My Louisiana home; My Louisana home 1876  
Paley, Herman Sweet little buttercup 1917  
Palmer, John Williamson Stonewall Jackson's way! 1862  
Parlow, Albert Pele mele galop 1866  
Parry Shine on harvest moon; Ziegfried follies 1918  
Parsons, Will. Uncle Adams going home; Character song and chorus; Our regiment 1884  
Pation, Eman. C. De Lord he make us free; Freedmans song 1865  
Patriotic women of the South Pray, maiden, pray!; Ballad for the times 1864  
Patrons of Blackmar's Music Store 167 polka; One-sixty-seven polka 1869  
Patrons of E.G. Lehmann's dancing academy Reiter galop 1868  
Patrons of Husbandry Song of Ceres and Pomona    
Patrons of Prof. Lehmann's Academy Royal horse guards quadrille 1859  
Paul, F. Old Uncle Ned 1895  
Pauline Frederick Greatest love of all 1919  
Pearl A. Hunt The hot tamale man 1909  
Pearl A. Hunt Kiss me right! Where the kisses should be 1908  
Pearl White My own Venetian rose 1915  
Pearson Our country's in danger and calls for you now 1862  
Pearson Glendon polka 1852  
Pearson Old Abe has gone and did it, boys 1862  
Pearson, E. D. The heart's ideal; Waltz song 1909  
Pearson, Fanny Shellman Cap and gown march and two step 1896  
Peirson, Walter Aurora Borie Alice 1909  
Pelican Rifles of Baton Rouge Pelican Rifles march 1861  
Pelletier, Henri Herigault Fleur-de-lys; Flow'r of France bloom again 1919  
Percival, W. Crow out Shanghai; A song for the times 1855  
Peruzzi, A. Spring and autumn 1870  
Peter M. Dewar Happy days 1907  
Peters, W. C. (William Cumming) Beside the sea 1864  
Peterson, Frederic The sweetest flower that blows 1898  
Peticolas, C. L. Hiawatha polka 1856  
Peticolas, C. L. The Southern cross 1863  
Peticolas, C. L. The captain with his whiskers    
Peticolas, C. L. Gen'l Morgan's grand march 1864  
Petri, J. F. How can I leave thee!; A German melody 1851  
Petrie, H. W. The owls serenade 1894  
Philip P. Armstrong American line march 1885  
Philip P. Armstrong American line march 1880  
Phipps, William Gems of beauty 1853  
Piantadosi, Al I didn't raise my boy to be a soldier 1915  
Pickett, L. N. D. Sweet mignonette; Waltz song 1887  
Piefke, Johann Gottfried Fortification storm march 1864  
Piefke, Rudolf Light baggage galop; Leicht Gepack; Op. 21    
Pierpont, James We conquer or die 1861  
Pierpont, James Gentle Nettie Moore    
Pike, Fred W. Longing 1919  
Pike, Marshall S. (Marshall Spring) Home again 1850  
Pinkard, Maceo Mammy o' mine 1919  
Pinsuti, Ciro White sails    
Piron, Armand J. You can have it I don't want it 1918  
Pitts, W. S. (William Savage) Ally Ray 1864  
Politzer The Argentines, the Portuguese and the Greeks 1920  
Polla W Drifting 1920  
Polla, Wm. Miss Virginia 1899  
Pollack, Lew Buddha 1919  
Pollok B. Lee Minute men 1861  
Porter Sad memories 1867  
Porter May breezes waltz 1861  
Porter The last of the Alabama 1864  
Porter, Jas. W. (James W.) Oh! give us a navy of iron 1862  
Potter, Bert Lyda won't you stop your foolin' 1905  
Potter, Lawrence Hope 1899  
Pottstown Pleasure Seekers Sounds from the ringing rocks 1864  
Poulton, George R. Rock me to sleep Mother    
Powell, A. L. Sweetheart 1887  
Powell, Walter Gently rest    
Powers, Herbert H. Mother was my best friend 1900  
Powers, James Faded flowers    
Powers, Thomas E. Silver bells are ringing away up in de sky 1879  
Praetorius, Chris Main gazabo 1903  
Pratt, Paul Hot-house rag 1914  
Preot, Arnaud The South 1860  
President Jefferson Davis Confederate flag; National air 1861  
Press Eldridge Hannah Thompson's ma baby's name 1897  
Price, J. W. Parson The students' farewell 1868  
Puck, Harry California and you 1914  
Puerner, Charles Ethiopian serenade; Burlesque 1883  
Pupils Marie mazurka 1866  
Putnam, James S. My home in Alabam' 1881  
Quidor I'll follow thee    
Quidor Where are the friends of my youth. Quartette    
Quidor Rainbow schottisch 1854  
Quincy, E. S. Pastime schottisch 1866  
Quos Little Katy; Hot corn 1853  
R. M. Field Please buy my last paper, I want to go home 1869  
R. Teller McCarthy's boarding house 1878  
R.H. Burnside Poor butterfly; The big show 1916  
R.M. Gaw Kitty dearest 1857  
R.M. Gaw Thou art so near and yet so far; Du bist mir nah und doch so fern    
R.M. Gaw Blud bird waltz 1853  
R.M. Gaw Moonlight on the ocean 1856  
R.M. Gaw Elfen waltz 1856  
R.M. Gaw Opera house polka 1857  
R.M. Gaw Boy with the auburn hair 1859  
R.S. [Rose Starmer?] There's a lot of blue-eyed Marys down in Maryland 1919  
R.S. [Rose symbol] At the high brown babies' ball 1919  
R.S. [Rose symbol] Johnny's in town 1919  
R.S. [rose symbol] Everybody's on their way to Jersey 1920  
R.S. Dewey The mid-summer waltzes 1901  
Rahley, William J. The tar-heeler's dream; Characteristic march and two step 1899  
Rainie, Herbert W. Over the top 1917  
Ramsdell, E. C. Harvard students march two step 1898  
Randegger, Alberto Round the corner    
Ranninger, P. C. When in hours of anxious sadness; Wenn in bangen Wemuthstunden; Den Lieben in der Heimath gewidmet 1854  
Raphael Kirchner I'll be somewhere in France; Ziegfeld follies 1917 1917  
Raphael, Angus M. Oslerized 1905  
Ray, Frank B. Hannibal City waltz 1862  
Raymon Moore, of Primrose & West's Modern Minstrels Down on the farm 1899  
Raymond Hubbell If I catch the guy who wrote Poor Butterfly 1917  
Raymond, Eugene Take me home 1865  
Reddick, William J. Leanin' on de Lawd; Negro spiritual 1918  
Reden, Carl Recreation schottisch 1866  
Reed Stars; A brilliant polka 1867  
Reed Oh! gentle zephyr 1867  
Reed Dream of the beautiful; Mazurka elegante 1870  
Reed Come back to Erin    
Reed Friendship march 1870  
Reed Golden waves march 1870  
Reed, Dave Sally Ann 1905  
Reed, Dave Lady Africa 1897  
Reed, Dave Leave your razors at the door 1899  
Reed, Dave Waiting down by the Mississippi shore 1911  
Rees V. Prosser In the valley where I left you Jessie dear 1909  
Reichardt, A. Thou art so near and yet so far; Du bist mir nah und doch so fern 1860  
Reilly, William J. When the "Yanks" come marching home 1918  
Reisner, C. Francis Frisco's Kitchen stove rag 1918  
Renaud, Z. I never knew I could love anybody like I'm loving you; Society fox trot; Je ne savais pas 1920  
Repasz Band Repasz Band march 1904  
Rev. A.J. Fischer, St. Bernards Church Morning prayer; Meditation for piano; Op. 129 1901  
Rev. N.W. Conkling To thy pastures 1878  
Rev. W.W. Patton God save the nation; Battle hymn; No. 15 1862  
Reynolds, Herbert They didn't believe me; Girl from Utah 1906  
Rhine, Alice Our country's call; A patriotic song 1861  
Ribaud, Joe Grieving for you; Satires of 1920 1920  
Rice, Edward E. (Edward Everett) Where art thou now my beloved; Evangeline 1875  
Rich, C. Jack Crocodile isle 1906  
Richard A. Rowland The red lantern; Shine on red lantern 1919  
Richards, Brinley Home sweet home    
Richards, Brinley Come dearest, the daylight is gone    
Richards, Brinley Come dearest the daylight is gone 1853  
Richardson Girofle-girofla Walzer; Op. 123 1875  
Richardson, A. H. C. No one to love: Ballad    
Riemer, Lester Charles Won't you let me call you honey 1911  
Ries, Hugo Tango in D 1911  
Rihm, Alexander Badinage 1895  
Ringgold Band Ringgold march two-step 1911  
Rita Olcott Little bit of heaven; Shure they call it Ireland; How Ireland got it's name; Heart of Paddy Whack 1904  
Rivinac, P. General Bragg's grand march 1866  
Rivinac, P. Gen. Bragg grand march 1861  
Robert Macfarlane The Rover's grave 1856  
Roberts, Lee S. Little birch canoe and you 1918  
Robyn, Alfred G. (Alfred George) You 1884  
Robyn, Alfred G. (Alfred George) Manzanillo; Danza Mexicana 1891  
Roden, Robert F. I never believed in angels until I met you; Girl of the cross 1918  
Rogers, Alex Let it alone 1906  
Rogers, Cornelia D. Ah! He kissed me when he left me 1863  
Rogers, Robert Cameron Rosary; Rosaire; Rosenkranz 1900  
Rolfe, Walter The happy hayseed 1903  
Rolfe, Walter When the green leaves turn to gold 1906  
Rolfe, Walter Mandy Jane 1907  
Roma, Caro I come to Thee 1911  
Root, Arabella Bonnie, sweet Bessie 1874  
Root, George F. (George Frederick) Just before the battle mother 1863  
Root, George F. (George Frederick) De day ob liberty's comin; Wurzel's liberty song 1862  
Root, George F. (George Frederick) Battle-cry of freedom; Rallying song 1862  
Root, George F. (George Frederick) Glory! glory!; Little octoroon; Vacant chair 1865  
Root, George F. (George Frederick) Tramp! tramp! tramp!; The prisoners hope 1864  
Root, George F. (George Frederick) Lost and saved 1871  
Root, George F. (George Frederick) The vacant chair; We shall meet, but we shall miss him 1862  
Root, George F. (George Frederick) Just before the battle Mother 1865  
Root, George F. (George Frederick) The vacant chair; We shall meet, but we shall miss him; Thanksgiving, 1861 1864  
Root, George F. (George Frederick) Rosalie the prairie flower 1855  
Root, George F. (George Frederick) They've sold me down the river; The Negro father's lament 1853  
Root, George F. (George Frederick) Hazel dell 1854  
Root, George F. (George Frederick) The vacant chair; We shall meet, but we shall miss him    
Rosalia Barnum's baby show polka 1855  
Rose Symbol [i.e., Rose Starmer?] New Orleans 1912  
Rose, Ed Everybody wants a key to my cellar 1919  
Rose, Ed I don't want a doctor (all I want is a beautiful girl) 1919  
Rose, Vincent Oriental; Some day in Araby; Intermezzo 1908  
Rose, Vincent Tell me why 1919  
Roselinda The voice of peace; Memorial hymn 1881  
Rosellen, Henri Tremolo    
Rosenberger, J. A. Beauregard Bull Run quick step; General G.T. Beauregard 1862  
Rosenberger, J. A. The mocking bird quickstep 1864  
Rosenfeld, Monroe H. She was happy till she met you 1899  
Rosenfeld, Monroe H. He never cares to wander from his own fireside; There's no place like home, sweet home 1892  
Rosey, Geo. (George) Honeymoon march 1894  
Rosey, George The handicap march & two-step dance 1895  
Rosey, Joe Out of the East 1918  
Rosier, F. W. Annie of the vale 1864  
Rosier, F. W. Virginian marseillaise 1863  
Rosier, F. W. Mary of Argyle, a favorite Scotch song 1864  
Rosier, F. W. When this cruel war is over; Ballad 1864  
Rosier, F. W. The murmur of the shell 1864  
Rosier, F. W. Christmas and new year musical souvenir; Fairies have broken their wands; The lover's wish; I know a maiden fair to see 1863  
Rosier, R. W. The Alabama; Nautical song 1864  
Ross, Lizzie B. Little bird, why singest thou? 1870  
Rossington, W. W. Spirit rappings 1853  
Rossington, Walter W. Gen. Boyle's grand march 1862  
Rossini, Gioacchino Ouverture Tancredi    
Rossini, Gioacchino William Tell overture    
Rossiter, Ednor I loved that dear old flag the best 1865  
Rothman, Nat. A hot old time in Dixie 1904  
Rouget de Lisle, Claude Joseph Southern Marseillaise; Air: Marseilles hymn 1861  
Routledge, John T. I'm going back to Alabam' to die; Plantation melody 1878  
Rovere, M. della Salute to St. Louis 1904  
Rowe, Wallace On guard; Old German melody 1864  
Royle, Edwin Milton Don't be what you ain't; Moonshine 1915  
Roze, Raymond D'Artagnan's love song; Musketeers 1898  
RS [rose symbol] Sweet mama tree top tall; Wont you kindly turn your damper down 1920  
Ruby, Emory R. My southern queen 1906  
Ruddy, Charles L. Just a girl like you 1909  
Rudy Vallee and his Connecticut Yankees Saint Louis blues 1914  
Rundback, John C. I'll never forsake you, dear 1906  
Russell, Ben You didn't want me when you had me, so why do you want me now 1919  
Russell, Henry The old sexton 1853  
Ruth Chatterton Li'l Liza Jane; Come out of the kitchen; Southern dialect song 1906  
Rutherford, S. Anworth My rose 1911  
Rutledge, John T. My ole home in Alabama 'fo' de war 1875  
Ryan, Leo I'm raising my boy to be a soldier to fight for the U.S.A. 1917  
Ryder, Fred L. Jagtime Johnson's ragtime march; Characteristic two-step 1901  
S I lost my heart in Honolulu; A syncopated classic 1916  
S. C., of C.S.A. Salut a Beauregard 1862  
S. E. H. Farewell enchanting hope 1863  
S.B. Duffield Trust to luck Alabama    
S.W. Parker Contraband of Port Royal 1862  
Sadie Jansell You are the ideal of my dreams 1910  
Sally Hill Scaife Some o' these days 1918  
Sally Hill Scaife You jes' will git ready, you gwine a die 1918  
Sam and his Sister Sam will oblige 1905  
Sam S. and Lee Shubert Dusky Salome; Mr. Hamlet of Broadway 1908  
Sandy McTavish Doan ye cry ma honey; Darkey song 1899  
Saroni, Herrman S. North Carolina grand march    
Sarony Beautiful isle 1850  
Sarony All aboard 1855  
Sarony & Major Hippodrome polka 1853  
Sarony & Major Parodi mazurka, or the Searing waltz 1851  
Sarony & Major Franklin College quick step 1851  
Sarony & Major Happy family polka 1851  
Sarony, Major & Knapp Thalia waltz; Thalia valse 1863  
Sarony, Major & Knapp Greenbacks!; Green-backs 1863  
Sarony, Major & Knapp Gipsey schottisch 1852  
Sartorio, Arnoldo On the plantation; Negertanz; Burlesque intermezzo 1914  
Savannah Volunteer Guards Guards march 1872  
Savino, Domenico Indianola 1918  
Sawyer, Henry S. In Honolulu by the sea; Aloha oe, aloha oe 1915  
Sawyer, Henry S. Os-ka-loo-sa-loo; Characteristic Indian march & two-step; Indian love song 1906  
Sawyer, Henry S. Celebrated barn dance 1908  
Sawyer, J. J. (Jacob J.) Hail, Jerusalem morn 1883  
Sawyer, J. J. (Jacob J.) Patience lancers 1882  
Saylor, E. Rockaway schottisch    
Scanlan, William J. What's in a kiss; Irish minstrel 1883  
Scanlan, William J. Peggy O'Moore; Shane na laun 1885  
Schenck, Joe In the land where poppies bloom 1918  
Schenck, Joe You cannot shake that shimmie here 1919  
Schertzinger, Victor Marcheta; Love song of old Mexico 1913  
Schindlocker, Wolfgang John Anderson my Jo; Scotch air 1871  
Schleiffarth, George Just you and I 1899  
Schleiffarth, George Harrison's victory march 1888  
Schlesinger, J. The hobbie 1861  
Schloss, Irving J. To be loved by the girl you love 1905  
Schmid, Johann C. You're a grand old bell 1919  
Schmidt, Erwin R. Carolina sunshine 1919  
Schmidt, F. Wm. Midnight carol for Ida 1868  
Schnabel & Finkeldey Gen. Quitman's grand march 1858  
Schoeller, Henri The light of love 1877  
Schoenbrun, S. Hip! hip! hurrah!; On the road to Pelham 1876  
Schoenheit, Theo. Lt. Col. Chas. D. Dreux funeral march 1861  
Schreiner, Hermann L Come where my love lies dreaming 1863  
Schreiner, Hermann L. Nobody hurt grand march 1861  
Schreiner, Hermann L. Lorena variations brilliantes 1863  
Schreiner, Hermann L. Le boifeuillet; Forrest leaf; Polka brilliante 1862  
Schreiner, Hermann L. Song of the southern boys; Cheer, boys, cheer 1861  
Schreiner, Hermann L. Stonewall Jackson's grand march 1863  
Schulz, William The story of a soul 1916  
Schumann, Robert Traumerei and Little romance; Op. 15; Revery    
Schwartz, A. Brightest eyes galop 1861  
Schwartz, Jean Hello Central! Give me no man's land; Sinbad 1918  
Schwartz, Jean Dear Sing Sing 1903  
Schwartz, Jean On the level you're a little devil; But I'll soon make an angel of you; Winter Garden Passing show of 1918 1918  
Schwing, Henry Harp of David; A meditation 1873  
Scott Joplin Ham and!; In ragtime 1908  
Scott, James Frog legs rag 1906  
Scott, M. B. Bird of beauty    
Scott, Maurice I've got rings on my fingers; Mumbo, jumbo, jijjiboo J. O'Shay; Yankee girl 1909  
Scott, R. D. New skeddadle 1862  
Sedgwick, A. Buckleys celebrated sleighing song 1853  
Shafer, Charles E. My dear old Southern home 1902  
Shattuck, C. F. (Charles F.) Pretty Kitty Kline 1868  
Shaw, David T. Red, white and blue    
Shepperd, Frank N. Lead, kindly light 1888  
Sherman Golden trumpets; The great popular jubilee song 1882  
Shirley Kellogg Wedding glide; Winter Garden Passing show of 1912 1912  
Shubert Sinbad was in bad all the time; Robinson Crusoe, Jr. 1917  
Shubert My Yokohama girl; Passing show of 1917 1917  
Siedler, Alice Wasserfall; Waterfall; Tyrolien song 1878  
Signers of the ordinance of secession The Palmetto state song    
Silas Leachman Ambolena Snow; Afro-American military ballad 1896  
Simmons, e. Kate Racquet galop 1878  
Simons, Seymour B. Just like a gipsy 1919  
Sinclair's Lieutenant General Scott's grand funeral march 1866  
Sipp, Rod. The college bells; Les cloches du college; Morceau caracteristique 1869  
Sirret, Emile G. Trumpet of war now is calling 1863  
Six Musical Guttys Won't you come over to my house 1906  
Skelly, J. P. I guess you have all been there; Serio-comic song 1879  
Skidmore, Will E. It's nobodys business but my own; Ziegfield's frolic 1919  
Skiff & Gaylord's Minstrels Mabel Clare 1861  
Slade, Mary B. C. Soldier's memorial day 1870  
Smith, Chris Just an old friend of the family 1907  
Smith, Ella M. Gee! it's great to be home again 1919  
Smith, F. W. The freedmans' song 1866  
Smith, Frank J. The hornpipe polka 1888  
Smith, Harry Bache Solitude; Air from Sapho 1898  
Smith, John Stafford Star spangled banner 1861  
Smith, John Stafford The star-spangled banner; Good old flag 1861  
Smith, John Stafford The star-spangled banner    
Smith, Julia Violets, sweet violets 1903  
Smith, T. I've no mother 1864  
Smith, Tip Virginia    
Smith, Tip Virginia    
Smith, William H. Raz ma taz; Cake walk & two-step; What it is? 1901  
Smoky Mokes Hunky-dory; Characteristic cake walk and two step 1900  
Snow, J. Albert Old Uncle Ned with variations 1885  
Snyder, Black & Sturn Forget me not quickstep 1870  
Snyder, Ted Dreams, just dreams 1910  
Solman, Alfred There's a Quaker down in Quaker town 1916  
Solman, Alfred The heart you lost in Maryland, you'll find in Tennessee 1907  
Solman, Jos. Good-bye Sally, good luck to you; Ex-service men's $20, 000 drive for the Salvation Army 1919  
Sonny Greatest miracle of all 1918  
Sophie Tucker I wonder where my easy rider's gone?; Hard luck racetrack story 1913  
Sophie Tucker Jazz babies' ball; Shubert gaieties of 1919; Song-jazz dance 1920  
Sophie Tucker Mammy's chocolate soldier 1918  
Sousa, John Philip Stars and stripes forever 1898  
Sousa, John Philip The liberty bell march 1893  
Sousa, John Philip King Cotton march 1895  
Sousa, John Philip In Flanders fields the poppies grow 1918  
Sousa's Band Chariot race or Ben Hur march 1894  
Southern Artillerists Potomac artillery grand march; Op. 44 1862  
Southern Artillerists Potomac artillery grand march; Op. 44 1862  
Southern enterprise My own, my guiding star 1863  
Southern enterprise Southern boys; Cheer, boys, cheer 1861  
Spaulding, H. G. Times hab badly change 'ole massa now; Song of the freedmen 1866  
spencer Kelly Just when I needed you most 1900  
Spencer, Otis Broadway Rose 1920  
Spenser, Willard Heel & toe; The fatal step; The little tycoon; American-Japanese comic opera 1882  
Spenser, Willard Witchery galop 1879  
Spohr, Louis To Minona; German Serenade 1860  
Spohr, Louis O clothe our valleys with ripening corn; Lass Ahren reifen im Sonnenstrahl    
Squires, Harry D. Just for a while 1920  
Stackpole Katey's letter; Irish song 1861  
Stackpole Maryland's free! 1864  
Stackpole Electric polka 1864  
Stackpole The little orphan; L'orfanella 1865  
Stackpole Softly now the light of day 1860  
Stackpole How can it be love; Volkslied    
Stackpole The language of love; Le parlate d'amor; The beautiful flower song from the celebrated opera of Faust 1864  
Stackpole Dreary day 1860  
Stahl, Richard The rogue's revenge; Donnelly and Girard's Natural gas 1891  
Standard Engraving Go to sleep my little pickaninny; Southern lullaby 1915  
Stanley, Edward When my golden hair has turned to silver gray 1904  
Stanley, Jack That rooster's walking rag 1912  
Stapells, R. G. Estelle schottische 1887  
Starmer Stingy 1904  
Starmer Tonkawa, an Indian characteristic two-step 1903  
Starmer I'm goin' to stay right here in town 1913  
Starmer When it's cotton pickin' time in Tennessee 1918  
Starmer When it's moonlight Mary darling 'neath the old grape arbor shade 1907  
Starmer Levee Lou 1912  
Starmer For Dixie and Uncle Sam 1916  
Starmer See Dixie first 1916  
Starmer Roll on, Missouri 1913  
Starmer Hannah; Dream city; The magic knight 1906  
Starmer Loading up the Mandy Lee 1915  
Starmer I'm on my way to Dublin Bay 1905  
Starmer I'm tying the leaves so they won't come down 1907  
Starmer Ma old Virginy home; 1913  
Starmer It's a pipp'n; Novelty fox-trot 1917  
Starmer My guardian angel 1906  
Starmer Laughing water (characteristic) 1903  
Starmer Back back back to Indiana 1914  
Starmer Golden sunset waltzes 1903  
Starmer If every girl was a girl like you 1919  
Starmer When the whippoorwill sings Marguerite 1906  
Starmer Sailin' away on the Henry Clay 1917  
Starmer Amo 1909  
Starmer Camp of the gipsies; Im Zigeunerlager; Op. 424, no. 3    
Starmer Santa Fe 1910  
Starmer My little dream girl 1915  
Starmer Dainty rosebuds; Daintiette; Caprice 1906  
Starmer Ching a ling a loo 1901  
Starmer Old oaken bucket with variations; Op. 93 1909  
Starmer Chevy Chase fox-trot 1914  
Starmer Gambling man 1902  
Starmer Mammy's little coal black Rose 1916  
Starmer At sundown 1910  
Starmer Look out for the Irish to-night 1917  
Starmer Wonderland; Waltz song 1906  
Starmer Jigadeer Johnson; March march march 1918  
Starmer Dixie twilight; Characteristic march 1909  
Starmer There never was a girl like you; Ballad 1907  
Starmer Are You From Dixie? ('Cause I'm from Dixie too!) 1915  
Starmer Dengozo; Maxixe tango; Musica Creole 1914  
Starmer First heart throbs; Erste Herzklopfen; Premier reveil du coeur; Op. 50 1910  
Starmer Captain told the mate; Yarns 1901  
Starmer When I was twenty-one and you were sweet sixteen 1911  
Starmer My sweetheart is somewhere in France 1917  
Starmer Everybody works but Father 1905  
Starmer My little Persian rose; The Persian garden 1912  
Starmer Frolic of the frogs    
Starmer When the mocking birds are singing in the wildwood 1906  
Starmer The Boy Scout's dream 1915  
Starmer The radium dance; Piff-paff-pouf 1904  
Starmer Beautiful blue Danube waltzes; Op. 314    
Stauffer, Aubrey That lovin' traumerei 1910  
Stedman, Al. Klinkers; Society rag; Companion to Cinders; Characteristic march & two-step 1906  
Steinberg, Maurice J. Just like you 1906  
Steiner, Emma R. Darkies' dream 1891  
Steiner, Roman Friends forever; Friends school song 1914  
Stella Mayhew Just because I'm from Missouri 1903  
Stephani, C. M. Virginia Military Institute march; V.M.I. quick step 1857  
Stephen C. Foster Oh! let him rest 1864  
Sterry, John A. of the Alpine Warblers The Yankee Quilting Party; Comic song 1853  
Stevens, William H. Dixie doodle 1865  
Stewart, C. I. Just noise; Real rag 1906  
Stewart, Edward J. Self reliance mazurka 1882  
Stewart, James E. (James Eugene) I want to see the old home 1873  
Stewart, James E. (James Eugene) Cricket on the hearth 1884  
Stewart, Leslie Lousiana Lou; Shop girl 1894  
Stimson, F. W. Yarney's ideal; Negro sketch; Aequalitas 1900  
Stoddard, George Thomas In the vale of the old Berkshire Hills 1905  
Story, Chick Sweetheart waltz 1920  
Stout, Clarence A. Oh death where is thy sting 1918  
Strange, Stanislaus My own United States; When Johnny comes marching home 1902  
Strauss Peyton When we reach that old port somewhere in France 1917  
Strauss, F. Free market waltz 1862  
Strauss, Johann Kuss Walzer; Op. 400 1879  
Strauss, Johann Thunder and lightning polka; Unter Donner und Blitz.; Op. 324    
Strauss, Johann Thousand and one night; Tausend und eine Nacht; Op. 346    
Strauss, Richard All souls' day; Allerseelen; Op. 10, no. 8 1905  
Strawbridge, H. H. Confederate land! 1861  
Strobridge Lith. Thatcher, Primrose & West's Triumphal march 1887  
Stromberg, John King Kazoo of Kakaroo; Hoity-toity 1901  
Strouse, Jack They called it the Dixie blues 1919  
Subaltern The star spangled cross and the pure field of white 1864  
Suck, F. Little barefoot waltz 1864  
Sullivan, Alex Kisses (the sweetest kisses of all) 1918  
Swain Love test    
Swain Wine, wife and song; Wein, Weib und Gesang    
Swain When Mother married Pap 1868  
Swain The valentine polka 1852  
Sweatnam Always do your duty, boy 1885  
Sweet, Al Prohibition blues 1917  
Sweet, Alfred W. Kitty King 1878  
Sylvan, Marc Little brown hut in the lane 1905  
T. Twilight; Crepuscule; Op. 36, no. 2 1908  
T. Hunter With beating heart 1881  
T. Sinclair General Lyons funeral march 1861  
T. Sinclair General McClellan's grand march 1861  
T. Sinclair Carrie polka 1864  
T. Sinclair General Halleck's grand march; Op. 931 1862  
T. Sinclair Chicora, the original name of Carolina; Chicora, the Indian name of Carolina 1861  
T. Sinclair Orphans prayer; Fantasia 1862  
T. Sinclair Major General Sheridan's grand victory march 1864  
T.A. Bacher Silver spring grand waltz 1878  
T.A. Bacher Only a lock of dark brown hair 1876  
T.H. Bufford Love's pleadings; Morceau de salon 1871  
T.L. Pierce Rambling through the clover 1874  
Tabrar, Joseph Just a little 1889  
Talbert, Harry Happy colored man; Character song 1883  
Tappan & Bradford Good news from home 1854  
Taylor, Tell Down by the old mill stream 1910  
Taylor, Tell When that little yellow fello plays piano, Hannah playsbanjo 1915  
Taylor, Tell It's a long long way to Dixie 1917  
Ted Lewis When my baby smiles at me 1922  
Terry, Robert Huntington A southern lullaby 1916  
Texas drummers Drummers' rambles through Texas 1881  
Thalberg, Sigismond Andante; Op. 32 1856  
Thaler, Rudolf The dying poet 1907  
The nation Lincoln's funeral march 1865  
The officers and privates of his command Maj. General Hampton's quickstep    
The Reed Birds 'Way down in Tennessee; Plantation reminiscence 1898  
The sons of the South Song of the South; Kentucky and Tennessee join hands 1861  
The sons of the South The song of the South 1861  
Thomas F. Shannon A southern jamboree; Characteristic Negro dance and shuffle 1899  
Thomas J. Farron Three leaves of shamrock 1889  
Thomas Q. Seabrooke Mister Dooley; Chinese honeymoon 1902  
Thomas, Ambroise Raymond overture    
Thomas, E. They told me not to love him    
Thomas, E. They told me not to love him; Ballad    
Thomas, J. R. (John Rogers) Let us be friends again; An incident in the life of Douglas Jerrold 1867  
Thomas, J. R. (John Rogers) Bonny Eloise; The belle of the Mohawk vale 1861  
Thomas, J. R. (John Rogers) Bonny Eloise; The belle of the Mohawk vale    
Thomas, J. R. (John Rogers) Cottage by the sea    
Thomas, J. R. (John Rogers) Cottage by the sea    
Thomas, J. R. (John Rogers) Beautiful isle of the sea 1865  
Thomas, J. R. (John Rogers) Oh! gently breathe 1858  
Thomas, J. R. (John Rogers) Cottage by the sea    
Thomas, J. R. (John Rogers) Annie of the vale    
Thompson, C. F. Who will care for mother now? 1863  
Thompson, C. F. Who will care for mother now? 1863  
Thompson, Floyd I'm goin' back to Louisiana 1913  
Thompson, H. S. High times, good times; I'se g'wine to be a gin'ral 1863  
Thompson, H. S. I'm lonely since my mother died 1863  
Thompson, Harry The watermelon trust; A slow drag 1906  
Thompson, Will L. (Will Lamartine) Break the news gently to mother 1878  
Thomson, James Give a man a horse he can ride 1917  
Thos. J. Harris Everybody has a trouble of his own 1885  
Three Kuhns Good night little girl, good night 1914  
Three White Kuhns Underneath the cotton moon 1913  
Tierney, Harry She's Dixie all the time 1916  
Tierney, Harry It's time for every boy to be a soldier 1917  
Tierney, Harry Variety rag 1912  
Tilla Kissing at the gate 1866  
Timmons, Edwin S. Absence makes the heart grow fonder 1896  
Tip Top Dodworth's very best polka 1850  
To all Virginian's throughout the Union Virginian's song of home 1855  
To our next President Hancock and English Union march 1880  
To our patrons No. 922 Chestnut Street Grand opening march 1870  
Tobani, Theo. M. (Theodore Moses) Hearts and flowers waltz; Beauties' charms waltz; Op. 393 1900  
Todd, Robert Dreaming dreams of you 1913  
Todhunter, Francis Almost home 1906  
Toler, J. Hoyt Up Broadway 1900  
Tompkins, R. Who'll save the left 1863  
Torjussen, Trygve To the rising sun; Morgenstimmung; Op. 4, no. 1 1912  
Tosti, F. Paolo (Francesco Paolo) Beauty's eyes    
Towne, T. Martin (Thomas Martin) Slaves consolation; I'll neber hoe de cotton any more 1862  
Tracey, William I'll be welcome in my home town; Good-bye to bright lights 1912  
Tracey, William When they christened Brother Johnson's child 1914  
Tracy, George Lowell Flower of old Tennessee 1899  
Trahern, Al In sunny Africa 1902  
Trahern, Al Sweet clover 1902  
Trainor, Val When the good Lord makes a record of a heros' deed he draws no color line 1918  
Tremont Batallion of Zouaves The spirit of the North 1863  
Tretbar, Helen D. The palms; Les rameaux 1889  
Trevathan, Charles E. May Irwin's Frog song 1896  
Tucker, Henry Call me not back from the echoless shore; Rock me to sleep, Mother 1862  
Tucker, Henry When this cruel war is over; Ballad    
Tucker, Henry Call me not back from the echoless shore; Reply to Rock me to sleep mother    
Tucker, Henry When this cruel war is over    
Tucker, Henry Serenade quickstep; Come maiden with me 1860  
Turner, A. J. Spring time polka 1864  
Turner, A. J. Bessie Bell waltz 1864  
Turner, Harriet Mam's little gal bes' go to sleep 1899  
Turner, J. M. Don't get weary; Johnny, you've been a bad boy; Don't get weary, children 1877  
Turner, J. W. (Joseph W.) Gen. Baker's funeral march; Op. 118 1861  
Turner, J. W. (Joseph W.) The Sour apple tree; Jeff Davis' last ditch 1865  
Turner, J. W. (Joseph W.) Old black Joe; Foster's original theme with new and sparkling variations; Op. 417 1889  
Turner, J. W. (Joseph W.) Fairy wedding waltz; Op. 120 1863  
Turner, J. W. (Joseph W.) Girl I left behind me quick-step 1861  
Twiggs, Charles Pop goes the weazel 1853  
Tyers, Wm. H. (William H.) The squee-gee 1904  
Uhland, L. We meet by chance; Lauf der Welt 1890  
Underwood, Laura M. I trust in God; Credo; O salutaris; O salutaris hostia 1885  
Union Army We've a million in the field; 1, 000, 000 1862  
United Confederate Veterans U.C.V. march 1901  
University of Pennsylvania University girl waltzes 1898  
unknown Grand vocal medley arranged from Root & Cady's most popular publications 1863  
unknown I remember the hour when sadly we parted; Companion to When this cruel war is over 1864  
unknown The march of the Southern men; Old Scottish air 1863  
unknown Tirolese and his child; Tiroler und sein Kind; Styrian air 1862  
unknown Should old acquaintance be forgot and the days of auld lang syne? 1878  
unknown Universal medley 1853  
unknown Money musk; Speed the plow; Rustic reel; Chorus jig    
unknown Eight national anthems arranged for the piano 1896  
unknown Riding a raid    
Unknown dead of the present revolution All quiet along the Potomac to-night    
Unknown dead of the present revolution All quiet along the Potomac to-night 1864  
Unknown dead of the present revolution All quiet along the Potomac to-night 1862  
Unknown dead of the present revolution All quiet along the Potomac to-night    
Va. W. Burnside Memory of mother; Nearer my God to Thee 1893  
Van Alstyne, Egbert For your boy and my boy; Buy bonds; Hear the bugle call 1918  
Van Alstyne, Egbert So long, mother 1917  
Van Alstyne, Egbert Down in the Everglade 1906  
Van Alstyne, Egbert It might as well be you 1918  
Van Alstyne, Egbert My dreamy China lady 1916  
Van Alstyne, Egbert On the road to Mexico through Dixieland 1914  
Van Alstyne, Egbert On the road to home sweet home 1917  
Van Alstyne, Egbert Wrap me in a bundle and take me home with you 1914  
Van Alstyne, Egbert Navajo; Navaho; Indian characteristic march & two-step 1903  
Van Alstyne, Egbert Golden arrow 1909  
Van Alstyne, Egbert What's the matter with Father 1910  
Van Alstyne, Egbert In the shade of the old apple tree 1905  
Van Alstyne, Egbert Way down on Tampa bay 1914  
Van Boskerck, Hattie Ye Tile Club galop; Tile Club galop 1880  
Van Gael, Henri Tea blossoms; Fleur de the; Mazurka; Op. 74    
Van, Gus Oh how she can sing 1919  
Vanderbilt Producing Co. Alice blue gown; Irene 1919  
Vandersloot, Carl D. Hawaiian twilight 1920  
Vandersloot, F. W. There's a charm about the old love still 1901  
Vandersloot, F. W. My western rose 1910  
Vanderveer, William J. Hear the pickaninny band 1911  
Vaucaire, Maurice Song of songs; Chanson du coeur brise 1914  
Vera King What you goin' to do when the rent comes 'round?; Rufus Rastus Johnson Brown 1905  
Verdi, Giuseppe Love is the soul; E il sol dell'anima; Rigoletto 1859  
Verdi, Giuseppe Birds are gone to rest; Traviata 1857  
Verdi, Giuseppe Those pleasant days are gone; Di provenza il mar; Traviata 1857  
Verdi, Giuseppe Ah! che la morte ognori; Trovatore 1855  
Vernon, F. Dudleigh The sweetheart of Sigma Chi 1912  
Vessella, Oreste For you alone 1909  
Veterans of Sherman's army When Sherman marched down to the sea; Marching song of Sherman's army 1865  
Vickers, Geo. M. Our cot in Tennessee 1882  
Vickers, George Morley Drifting seaward; Our days on earth are as a shadow 1879  
Vierick, J. C. The war song of Dixie; Southrons, hear your country call you; Op. 562 1861  
Vincent, Nat Give a little credit to your Dad; Why don't you say a word for poor old father 1916  
Vincent, Nat. When old Bill Bailey plays the ukalele 1915  
Violinsky That Carolina rag 1911  
Vollstedt, Robert Merry comrades; Pros't waltzes; Op. 160 1902  
Vollstedt, Robert Jolly companions; Lustige Bruder 1892  
Von Tilzer, Albert I'll be with you in apple blossom time 1920  
Von Tilzer, Albert My baby boy 1918  
Von Tilzer, Albert Honey boy 1907  
Von Tilzer, Albert The alcoholic blues (some blues) 1919  
Von Tilzer, Harry I love it; Successor to Cubanola glide 1910  
Von Tilzer, Harry Keep the trench fires going for the boys out there 1918  
Von Tilzer, Harry Knock wood 1911  
Von Tilzer, Harry The Cubanola glide 1909  
Von Tilzer, Harry Chocolate drops, a darktown improbability; Two-step and Cake-walk 1902  
Von Tilzer, Harry Down on the farm 1902  
Von Tilzer, Harry Excelsior; Sublime sacred song 1900  
Von Tilzer, Harry Weegee weegee tell me do; Ouija ouija 1920  
W. Dittmar Someday someone will whisper I love you 1910  
W. Dittmar False alarm 1905  
W. Dittmar Our band; March two-step 1910  
W. Dittmar Tournament 1906  
W. Dittmar Parade of the humming birds 1906  
W.E. Foote Young Eph's lament; Young Eph's lamentation; Oh whar will I go if de war breaks de country up 1862  
W.F. Shaw I'm going home to Clo 1879  
W.H. Leeson Freedom's tear 1861  
W.H. Leeson Improvisation on the favorite melody Her bright smile haunts me still; Op. 503; Morceau de salon sur l'air favori Her bright smile haunts me still 1864  
W.H. Leeson Cora schottisch 1863  
W.H. Leeson The officer's funeral    
W.H. Leeson Southern republic polka march 1861  
W.H. Leeson Ever of thee quickstep; op. 499 1861  
W.H. Leeson Stonewall Jackson's midnight review; Grand march as performed by the brass bands 1863  
W.H. Leeson La plage de la mer; Variations sur le theme favori Shells of ocean; Morceau de salon sur l'air anglais favori Shells of ocean; op. 497 1861  
W.H. Leeson Genl. Beauregard's grand march 1861  
W.H. Leeson La Rosalia; Nouvelle musique pour les quadrilles lanciers 1863  
W.H. Leeson Minute-men, form; The anthem of the South 1860  
W.H. Leeson Minute-men quickstep 1860  
W.H. Leeson Fugitives    
W.H. Leeson Bonnie blue flag 1861  
W.H. Leeson La Marseillaise; French national hymn; The Southern marseillaise 1861  
W.H. Leeson Rosale Guards march; Op. 18 1861  
W.J. Dittmar Tangle-foot rag; Op. 300; Tanglefoot rag 1910  
W.J. Dittmar Magic mirror; Op. 255 1910  
W.J. Moran Medley march 1902  
W.J. Morgan Georgian slave 1874  
W.M. Fisher Egyptian moonlight; An oriental love song 1919  
W.M. Young Would you if you could 1906  
W.M. Young Red moon 1908  
W.M.F. We met, we loved, we parted 1915  
Wade, Emma Thine, ever thine; Juanita or waneta 1865  
Wade, J. Augustine (Joseph Augustine) Meet me by moonlight 1863  
Wagen Horace Greeley's funeral march 1872  
Wagner, Richard Grand march from Wagner's opera of Tannhauser    
Wagner, Richard March from Tannhauser 1874  
Wakelam Beautiful dreamer arranged with brillant variations 1865  
Wakelam Home! sweet home!; Air anglais varie pour le piano; Op. 72 1857  
Wakelam Come again happy days! 1871  
Wakelam Ring on sweet angelus 1868  
Wakelam E pluribus unum, or The confederates waltzes. [The southern states. No. 11 Tennessee; No. 12 Virginia; No. 13 North Carolina; No. 14 South Carolina; No. 15 Georgia; No. 16 Florida; No. 17 Alabama; No. 18 Mississippi; No. 19 Louisiana; No. 20 Texas. 1854  
Wakelam Old Dog Tray 1853  
Wakelam Dixie's land with brilliant variations; Op. 1250 1860  
Walker, Barclay Long boy; Good-bye, Ma! Good-bye, Pa! Good-bye, mule 1917  
Walker, Dan Ebony echoes; A good old-fashioned cake-walk; Jardin dedanse 1915  
Walker, George H. Harrison's victory march 1888  
Walker, George Leslie Geraldine; Grand valse brillante 1859  
Walker, Raymond That Southern hospitality (when you're down in Dixie) 1915  
Wallace, Herbert As some day it may happen; I've got them on the list; The Mikado 1886  
Wallace, Ramsey L A Z Y spells lazy 1906  
Wallace, William Vincent Only a dream; Love's vision    
Wallenstein First love waltz 1864  
Wallis, Louis Sea breeze; op. 96 1885  
Walter Kittredge Make my grave in the lowlands low; Negro slaves lament 1867  
Walter T. Daniel Golden robin; Valse caprice 1874  
Walters, Carl Drat dat mewel; Comic Ethiopian screech 1893  
Walton, E. E. A soldier's rosary 1918  
Wand, Hart A. Dallas blues 1918  
Ward, Charles B. Strike up the band here comes a sailor 1900  
Ward, Charlie L. Sweet as a peach polka; Sweet Ky girls 1869  
Ward. Charlie L. My natal home    
Warden, David A. Sherman's on de track 1865  
Warden, E. (Edward) Tapioca; Minstrel melody 1861  
Warden, Emily Alone and from home 1868  
Ware, Harriet Mammy's song 1910  
Warner, J. Down in Alabam; Aint I glad I got out de wilderness 1858  
Warren If you've only got a moustache 1864  
Warren Improvisation on the Bonnie blue flag; Bonnie blue flag 1866  
Warren Mother kissed me in my dream 1864  
Warren Shells of ocean; Les naiades; Op. 384 1853  
Warren (stereotyper) Holiday March 1869  
Warren (stereotyper) I will be true to thee 1862  
Warren (stereotyper) Rosalba waltz 1866  
Warren, George William Famous ride of Tam O'Shanter    
Warren, George William Let thine hand help me; Anthem; 119th Psalm 1869  
Warren, George William Song of the robin; Romance 1857  
Warren, Music Stereotyper It's all up in Dixie 1863  
Warren, stereotyper The song of all songs 1866  
Washington, Howard C. Louis'anna blues; Lou'siana blues 1920  
Wayburn, Ned Whose baby are you? 1920  
Weatherly, Frederic Edward Danny boy; Old Irish air 1913  
Webb I've a home in the valley; An answer to the popular song Give me a cot in the valley I love; There's peace in the valley    
Webb And so you call me happy 1851  
Webb Wait for the wagon; Ethiopian song 1851  
Webb Sturm Marsch Galop 1860  
Webb Wild-rose schottisch; Op. 22; Wild rose schottisch 1855  
Webb Call me pet names 1851  
Webb Would I were with thee 1850  
Webb Salutation polka 1850  
Webb Encouragement polka 1852  
Weber & Wilson Mammy Jinny's jubilee; Shake yo' feet 1913  
Weber Henry The storm; An imitation of nature 1891  
Weber, Carl Maria von Mermaids' song from Oberon 1866  
Weber, Carl Maria von Wiegenlied; Lullaby 1860  
Weber, Henry Maiden at the spring; Book of beauty 1866  
Weber, Henry The storm; An imitation of nature 1858  
Weber, Henry The storm; Imitation of nature 1898  
Weber, Henry William Stars of the Summer Night; Beautiful serenade 1867  
Weber, Louis Battle hymn of the republic 1917  
Weber, Randal Star of liberty 1861  
Weber, Randal M. We're all in arms in Dixie land; Dixie 1861  
Webster, H. D. L. Lorena    
Webster, H. D. L. Lorena 1861  
Webster, H. D. L. Lorena    
Webster, Joseph Philbrick Little Maud 1865  
Webster, Joseph Philbrick Patriot mother's prayer; Protect my boy 1863  
Webster, Joseph Philbrick Lorena    
Webster, Joseph Philbrick Paul Vane or Lorena's reply    
Weeks Lula is gone    
Weeks Child of the regiment    
Weeks Dear Mother, I'll come home again    
Weeks Paul Vane or Lorena's reply    
Weeks Warblings at Eve; Romance    
Weeks When the swallows homewards fly    
Weeks The officer's funeral    
Weeks God save the South!; National hymn    
Weeks Savannah park waltzes; Op. 50 1863  
Weeks Gen. Mercer's grand march!    
Wehrman Genl. Beauregard's grand polka militaire; Les fifres dela gardes 1861  
Wehrmann March from Tannhauser    
Wehrmann Margrave galop 1866  
Wehrmann The dying volunteer 1865  
Wehrmann Tremolo    
Wehrmann Home sweet home variations 1865  
Wehrmann I am dying, Egypt, dying; op. 632 1865  
Wehrmann Gen. Beauregard's grand march; Genl. Beauregard's grand march 1861  
Wehrmann La pluie de perles; Valse brillante    
Wehrmann There's life in the old land yet 1862  
Wehrmann Pelican grand waltz; The constitution our law 1861  
Wehrmann Fantaisie pour piano sur le Bonnie blue flag 1862  
Wehrmann La priere d'une vierge; The maiden's prayer    
Wehrmann Stars and bars polka brillante 1861  
Wehrmann My Maryland; O Tannenbaum 1862  
Wehrmann Come dearest, the daylight is gone 1861  
Wehrmann Here's your mule schottisch; Found at last 1862  
Wehrmann Our first president's quickstep 1861  
Wehrmann My Maryland; A patriotic song 1862  
Wehrmann A year ago 1861  
Wehrmann God defendeth the right 1861  
Wehrmann Southern wagon 1862  
Wehrmann Bell Knights waltz 1860  
Wehrmann Pearl River polka 1861  
Wehrmann Peace! 1865  
Weiland, F. Over the summer sea 1858  
Weiland, Francis Will you love me then as now    
Weisiger, Wilbur K. Jes' keep on a-blowin' your bubbles 1918  
Weisiger, Wilbur K. A maid and a man and a moon 1905  
Weller & Greene Love my dearest; A te, o cara; Puritani    
Weller & Greene La belle Louise; Fantasie schottisch; Op. 12 1851  
Welles, Georgia B. Rosary 1903  
Wells, John Barnes Crow's egg 1915  
Wells, John Barnes The owl 1913  
Wellsley, Arthur That entertaining rag 1912  
Wendling, Pete Take me to the land of jazz 1919  
Wendling, Pete Yaaka hula hickey dula; Hawaiian love song 1916  
Weslyn, Louis Charme d'amour; Love's spell; Hesitation waltz 1909  
Wessells, Haviland Cowslips 1912  
West Mandy's ragtime waltz 1912  
West, Paul I want dem presents back 1896  
Westendorf, Thomas P. Mississippi Jim 1883  
Westendorf, Thomas P. Dream of joy schottische 1880  
Westendorf, Thomas P. Rolling hoop; Galop 1904  
Western Vermont Musi. Assn. Never forget the dear ones; Home song 1858  
Weston, Fields & Carroll The Mississippi stoker 1907